Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello wello! just thought I'd jot down my wisdom tooth extraction experience on my blog for future references! hahahahah

Also because I am procrastinating. As always.

Anyways, last Friday I went to get my bottom right wisdom tooth surgically removed since it was deeply impacted. The dentist explained that in order to get my tooth out, he would have to shave off some bone and cut the teeth into two halves and pull them out. Sounds easy peasy lemon squeezy and would only take max 30 minutes.Oh, and it will all be done under general anesthesia.

9am and the surgery lasted only like 20 minutes with me like a cow crying because the sound of the drilling thing was realllllly freaking me out and I could totally feel the dentist working on my teeth. It was over and it was traumatizing.

TRAUMATIZING?! PFFT bitch please. What was traumatising was bleeding 27 hours non-stop after the surgery.

Thing was for some reason, instead of just freaking clotting in the wound area, my jaw was really just oozing out blood. So much blood that it would just clot in my mouth. Like big huge blood jellies in my mouth and it was disgusting! The first time I took a nap after the surgery, I woke up with my pillow drenched in blood. Turns out my mouth was still numb so I didn't feel the blood just oozing out. It was freaking scary :( The whole day I proceeded to just dispense blood like a river. Called the nurse up (well Amilyn helped me since I couldn't talk without spraying the room with blood) and she was like, oh it's normal. Drink some water, use the gauze... etc etc Nothing helped :( I even got tea bags cause apparently they have some thing in them that made blood clot. Nope, didn't help one bit.

Sleeping was the worst. I didn't sleep much at all, maybe about 2 hours, and couldn't go by 5 minutes without dispensing huge amounts of blood into my trusty plastic bag beside me. Literally was choking on all the blood :( :( It was so scaryyyyyy. Thank you Diana and Chloe for staying up with my and texting me and keeping me company! When I finally did fall asleep, I woke up early because of this huge blood clot in my mouth, the size of my fist, had filled up my whole mouth making it difficult to breathe. :( That's when I knew that this couldn't be normal.

It said on the paper that I could bleed for 24 hours. But I had been bleeding for more than 24 hours and it was not right. Blood wouldn't stop :( I was dehydrated because I couldn't drink much water and I was weak because I hadn't got much sleep and I couldn't eat without the blood getting in my way and well, I was just losing loads of blood. So called the dentist up and thank goodness they let me come in after hours since on Saturday they close half day.

When i reached, the dentist helped me vacuum up all the blood clot, I had one long one down my throat which was really gross and kept making me gag. Suddenly I could breathe properly again. The dentist then proceeded to give me 3 more injections to stop the bleeding and I was on my way home. The dentist clarified that it was definitely odd and that this was an exception, not the rule. Like, he didn't know why I didn't stop bleeding either :(

Upon reaching home, barely just climbed all my stairs and I collapsed in bed :( Had lost too much blood. Even after the sleep, I had to sit down/lay down every 15 minutes or else I'd be dizzy. But thankfully the bleeding had stopped so I was just sleeping a lot on Saturday and Sunday, trying to recuperate.

Today, my jaw is still hurting with bruising and swelling. (looks like I have mould on my skin. Damn the greenish tint!) but I've finished up my dose of antibiotics, painkillers and inflammation meds. So I am definitely on the road to recovery. Getting my stitches out on Friday as well! :) I'm still feeling a little woozy and will need afternoon naps, but apart from that.. definitely feeling better.

I was so fucking scared last Friday man. I was genuinely scared I was gonna bleed to death :( But thank goodness not lah. Hahaha y'know all know me, always the pessimist.

I want to thank my lovely friends who sent me whatsapp messages through and through making sure I was alright and my lovely cousin for being at the dentist with me and obvs my parents for looking after me and Scamp for being the most loveliest companion any sick person can ask for.

I am such a lucky girl.

Lots of love,
Amelia xx


  1. Hiazzzzz..........................................dafuq?.....!??!?!?!?
    You were completely awake on general anaesthesia?
    And how on Earth could the procedure cause so much bleeding?

    where did you have the tooth done?

  2. WOOPS. I meant local anesthetic. HAHA I always get so confused :(

    I had it done in JPMC and I don't know why there was so much bleeding. The dentist told me that it was very unusual as well. So I guess he didn't know the reason either :x

  3. ohhhh I see.
    ahhhh JPMC, I see