Friday, July 20, 2012

I'll try.

"You give it all that you've got and then it doesn't even matter cause it'll never be enough."

I don't understand the human race. I don't understand the way the human mind works. Which, would make sense I suppose. I don't think they are meant to be understood. What are you thinking? Why are you thinking? All these questions, will never be answered.
"Human beings are always longing to fall "in love." But love is like a swimming pool; once you fall in, you cannot fall out. The decision is whether you want to swim in the shallow end or the deep end, whether you want to participate superficially or create an ever deepening spiritual bond. The truth is, when love is profound, it is a rising in love, and it is conscious." - Beckwith
If I could, I would help you. I would want to make you feel like you're everything in this world. I would like to save you from the darkness and all these thoughts that clouds your beautiful mind and soul. I want to be able to make you shine and keep you high in the clouds. I want you to feel like you can do everything and anything. That you are indestructible, because you are. You are so many things. So many good things that I think you forget from thinking too much. I do that too, I over-think too. I can't blame you. The world is harsh and it reminds us of all the ugly around us and I just want to take you somewhere beautiful and lovely and bright and stay there with you.
"If God exists, and I truly don't believe he does, he will know that there are limits to human understanding. He was the one who created this confusion in which there is poverty, injustice, greed, and loneliness. He doubtless had the best of intentions, but the results have proved disastrous; if God exists, he will be generous with those creatures who chose to leave this Earth early, and he might even apologize for having made us spend time here." - Veronika Decides to Die
I just hope in time everything will be better again and that you will never feel the way you feel now. Please don't doubt yourself, at least, not for a long long time.

I can't do anything but love you like you know I do. I can love you more. I will.

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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