Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello, during Easter, I visited Sinda in Sweden with Allisan! One of the days that we were there, Sinda decided to bring us on a bicycle tour around a lake near her house (well, not too near lah). Turns out that the distance around the lake was about 23KM and it was hardcore.

Hardcore because I only learnt how to ride a bike in 2010 and the most that I've ride a bike is around Hyde Park in London and even then it is quite a feat for me! Anyway, it was the real deal and after a hearty lunch that Sinda's parents had prepared for us...

Kaldomar (I THINK. If not, Sinda please correct me!) This was a really tasty dish. Meat wrapped with cabbage with potatoes and salad and lingonberry sauce with gravy! YUM

Also, I was so unprepared for this lor! The week before we arrived, the weather was beautiful and warm and then we arrived and IT WAS COLD. So, I didn't bring like any warm clothes :( and had a really thin jacket with me. (I think Allisan had this problem too) So at the end of it, Sinda busted out her brothers jackets for us to wear. Hehe Which kept us nice and toasty for the bike ride :D

One shirt, One hoodie, One BIG ASS JACKET, Snood, tights, shorts, socks, shoes. CHECK!
I think I napped after lunch for an hour before we went for this journey. Lol I am SUCH A PIG.

Anyway, we headed out with the bikes and went to pick Jade up. Jade is a friend from Uni as well, who happens to live in the same kampung as Sinda! hehe

Me looking super pleased with myself for being able to bike for the distance to Jade's house. lol
And then the journey started towards the lake!

And we reached the lake... and had some thing to eat while we admired the beauty of the lake and then Sinda told us we were going to cycle around it...................

It was a huge lake lor. You can't even see the end in this picture. T^T

AND THE JOURNEY BEGAN. Omg  I fell down so many times cause my jacket kept getting stuck to the seat and I am REALLY bad with getting on and off the bicycle since there were cars coming through too. haha I got electrocuted cause I fell on an electric wire.... and we got lost a little. We had breaks in between too where we sat to rest and ate and I think Sinda was secretly scared we were not going to get back before it turned dark.... lol

I got some scars from falling down the hill prior to this picture. Lol the bike was really heavy for me so I was walking downhill and the bike fell and I went tumbling down with the bike too!
That's me digging into a plastic bag with Cinammon buns because I AM A PIG LIKE THAT. Also Sweden has AMAZING cinammon buns so I don't know who wouldnt want to eat their cinammon buns and bring them on a bicycle trail with them. BEST IDEA EVA.
Looking SUPER pleased with my Cinnamon buns!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, the whole damn  thing took 4 hours and by the end of it we had numb butts and was SO TIRED. Here are the pictures from exiting the lake trail! I am looking very pleased with my self obviously. Also, because I thought we were quite close to home. BUT WE WERE NOT. After this we had to cycle/walk for another hour or so I think. hahahahahahahah damn.

There's everyone letting me go first. HAHAH cause I am the slowest and have like a 50/50 chance of getting on my bike and riding it the first time. So everyone always let me go first cause my success rate is so low :(

Yup! So we cycled a little, walked a little, dropped Jade off at her home and proceeded back to Sinda's home! It was really really such an accomplishment, cycling so much! I was really proud of myself for being able to do that. Also, the trail was very pretty and it is such an experience being able to cycle around the countryside and the weather was really lovely albeit the cold. :)

We rested for a bit after reaching Sinda's home and then headed down to Ahus where her parent's restaurant was and we had a feast waiting for us! :D hehe 

Sinda driving in Sweden! Lol
Pork chops, corn soup, brocolli and beef and steamed fish with rice. SO spoiled with the amazing food! hehehe :)   

Overall, I was not very pleased after the biking because I was so tired but really, I am thankful that Sinda brought us on this experience! It was really something and I will always have it in my memories! :D

i actually got scars from these wounds! They look really cool hehehe
So, if anyone asks me whats the furthest I've ever cycled. I GET TO SAY: 23 KM bitches!!!!!! mwahahahahahaha

Lots of love,

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