Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On sunny days.

Hello everyone, just a short update about life at the moment. A little breather from my travelogues atm. It is a lovely sunny day today and I will be heading out in about 3 hours time to meet up with the loveliest Diana in town to do some window shopping. Only window shopping, although we might end up with some nude pumps if we come across any pretty ones. I say only window shopping because we are both making a trip down to Edinburgh this coming Thursday and we already have so much (or little???) on our list of things to buy and that would usually mean we can't spend any more money :(

Anyway, life has been treating me good. It's been a week since my mother has left Aberdeen but I am so thankful for technology now a days that allow me to speak to my mom through facetime, skype etc etc. Her whatsapp isn't working at the moment but I am pretty sure my brother is doing something about it...... haha

 I have been up to nothing actually, made a trip down to uni. Hardly a trip actually, considering I live like 10 minutes away.... but yeah, a trip to uni to sort of finalise all my plans for uni and stuff and I am so happy and relieved that it is now sorted out. :) I am so happy to have friends who care for me and who wants the best for me that they are always there to advice me, to support me and to keep me going on. I love you all dearly, and y'all know who you are.

The boyfriend has been working super long hours for his jobs 6 times a week but his off days are Wednesdays so hip hip hooray cause tomorrow's a Wednesday! :D He is however, stopping his full time this Saturday so I suppose we will have more time to spend together once he's on his part-time shift.

Life has been good to me so far and I hope it will continue to be good to me. I have new goals that I am determined to get through. I mean, it's September already! A new year in Uni, a new term.. another chance at getting this right and yadda yadda. I'm already looking forward to 2013 and all the excitement that the year will bring! Is it too early to say so yet? hehe

Anyway, I hope everyone who reads this has a good month of September and is having a great time in their life! :) Also thank you for still checking up on this blog to see what I'm up to.. :D hehe

Many many best wishes,

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