Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Part 2: Luxembourg

This is part two of my travelogues. On recommendation from Vivian, I decided that to put Lux on my itinerary and my mother and I stopped over for 2 nights. This is where is started to get complicated. I fell sick. Not just your average, slightly sick still can function thang but like sore-throat-going-to-lose-voice-hacking-up-phelgm and not to mention blocked nose as well as fever. So unlucky! The last trip I had with my mama was when we went to Marrakech, Morocco and I got so sick there I couldn't function at all. So, it was really unlucky. Thus, we didn't take as much photos as we had liked to in Lux and I spent a quite a bit of the afternoons sleeping in the hotel cause I just could not function with a fever exploring the city. My poor mom :(

Don't get me wrong though, Lux was lovely. The old city was beautiful. We did however go on a public holiday, so everything was closed. Except for museums, the casemates and restaurants. We were really looking forward to seeing the shops since they did sell all sorts of stuff but unfortunately. :P 

Our first dinner there. The portions are crazy generous! and so many side dishes!!!!!  Initially, we wanted to share one dish but our waiter told us that no, it is meant to be for one person, one portion. LIAR! :( One portion was enough for both me and my mom and we were really sad cause then we wasted a lot of food.
My mom with her lamb meh.lol

There was a flea market in one of the city squares that sold loads of antiques and really random things. It was so warm!

My lunch: Moules et Frites. Mussels cooked in a provencale (vegetable) sauce with a lot of fries. There was SO much mussels. I couldn't even finish it. I must say though that the mussles were delightful and no regrets ordering it. :)

After all the meat from dinner before, my mother ordered a vegetarian pasta and she was very pleased with her pasta :)

We got onto one of these tour bus thingies! This one was a little different, it was like a little train and we thought it was too cute to pass up. They told us stories regarding the history of Lux and it was very interesting.

Here, we visited one of the Casemates in Lux. It was very interesting and after about 20 minutes, being underground and getting lost and finding ourselves at dead ends were a little too freaky for my mom and I. Haha

That was what we did mainly for the day. It was very difficult as there was quite a lot of walking involved and I had to take breathers in between journeys cause I was really too tired to do anything. That night we decided to have some Japanese food as I found a restaurant near our hotel that had excellent recommendations for Japanese food. We were not disappointed at all.

My Salmon Platter which was delicious! :)
The next morning, we just scoured the shops around our hotel and the central station since it was our train at 12PM and we had a 4 hour journey to Ghent in Belgium.

Overall, I cannot say that I had the most pleasant of times in Lux but it isn't the country's fault at all but mine for being so sick :( I really do regret it. I was amazed that such a small country carried so much history and I am happy that we made a stopover in Lux. :)

Next up would be Part 3: Ghent! Stay tuned :)

Lots of love,
Amelia x

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  1. Vivian8:02 PM

    Amelia... I feel sorry that u got sick in Lux:( at least you had great food there=))...
    Love always, Vivian<3