Friday, October 26, 2012

Instagram v.2

Hello, been definitely neglecting my poor blog and now October is coming to an end. How quick is this month going by? In two month 2012 is going to end and I still have so much to do. Zzz oh well, I will try and update soon. It's just that I've not been taking much pictures and I really like having pictures on my blog tbh. 

Anyway, heading to Edinburgh tomorrow for an overnight trip because a special guest is coming back to Scotland again (but only for a limited period of time.) Yup, you guessed it right! I'm going to see Allisan in Edinburgh tomorrow! (Diana and Cheryl are coming along too cause they want to see Alli's super pretty face!) and I AM SO STOKED! I have seriously missed her too much in Aberdeen. Like, my life is seriously missing something without Allisan :( But yeah, at least we get to meet up over the weekend so yay! Been looking forward to this the whole month! hehe

So here we go Instagram update #2! Enjoy :)

 From top left clockwise: 1. OOTD for one of the nights out with friends. Tunic top from H&M and I just wore a black camisole underneath. I paired this with my JC litas :) 2. Beefburger with Jack Daniels Glaze with sweet potato fries from TGIF. I love sweet potato fries. I really really do! :) 3. Sleeping Scamp. I miss him so much. 4. Our little herb garden in the kitchen! hehe 5. Simple dinner: Steamed chicken and okra in a soy sauce base. 6. Avocado cake! This was an experiment but it came out really well and yummy, the top was sprinkled with sugar before baking and it yielded a really nice caramelly crispy top of a cake.

From top left clockwise: 1. Went out on a date wednesday with B. Had French cuisine, which was good except dessert was a massive let down :( we both ordered tarte tartin but it was horrid! Sad. 2. My OOTD for that date wednesday. Just a plain black dress from ASOS! 3. Diana and I went out for a "school night" themed night at Garage hehe. It was really last minute but had so much fun! 4. One of my lunches. Leftover Ragu with a fried egg and rice. 5. OOTD for Perks of being a wallflower and Italian food for lunch with Diana, Cheryl, and B. My grey cropped cardi is from ESP (so old!) and ripped jeans from ZARA. 6. Made wanton mee for dinner one day with pork bones. Very delish if I must say so myself hehehe *self-praise*

 From top left clockwise: 1. Scamp's bumbum and paws. HEHE so cute, my brother sent it to me through whatsapp one morning. 2. Ordered a cookie press on Amazon cause Diana has one and it's so fun and so nice to have pretty shaped cookies. 3. Homemade garlic bread for a dinner party we hosted in our house. I also made lasagna for the first time and I think it was a success! hehe 4. Our little baby of our house: Cleo the russian dwarf hamster. How cute is she? :) 5. Cleo's palace! 6. MOTD one of the days. I really like this picture.. makes my face look "skinny". hahahahah maybe it's just me..

From top left clockwise: 1. Made blueberry muffins one morning with fresh blueberries! :) 2. OOTD for dimsum and shopping with Cheryl, Diana and Alice :) 3. Been suffering from tendonitis these two weeks and have been in an insane amount of pain. :( 4. Hello Kitty socks that Allisan got for me from H&M before! hehe 5. OOTD for dinner with B's friends. We went to Nandos and Jun and I shared a whole chicken and 4 sides. Safe to say we were soooooo full after that. hahaha 6. Made shortbread cookies with my cookie press. In the middle are raisins! hehe They were soooo good! melt-in-your-mouth kind of cookies!

On the 23rd, marked another month with the most amazing, loving boyfriend I could ever ask for. Our 11th month and we spent it have dinner together at home where I cooked a really fast dish consisting of sausages (lamb sausages to be exact that I bought from M&S) and couscous. It was more like a sausage casserole if anything and it was quite successful. Hehe. 

Thank you B, for everything that you do and all the love and patience that you have for me. I can never thank you enough and I can never ask for anymore than what you've given me. 

I love you. 

We went out for date wednesday to celebrate our 11 months on the 24th! hehe My OOTD and my lovely boyfriend giving me kisses :) hehe

Jun also got me a big Hello Kitty for our 11th month! hehehe She is my first Big Hello kitty and the third hello kitty thing Jun has ever gotten me. hehe
Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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