Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's you I see.

Greetings y'all from a very wide awake Amelia on a Sunday morning at 7AM. I have this problem where whether or not I sleep, I will wake up at 7AM. No matter how much I have slept or not slept for that matter. I guess it's good too, gives me time to worry more about life and also gives me time to do other things like blog, watch Cleo dig around her home (lol) and maybe do some work cause god knows, I am going to be super busy next week so might as well make the most of my time while I can!

Alice, Diana, Cheryl and I are heading out for dimsum later since it will be Alice's virgin experience with Dimsum. I can only hope she likes it as much as we all do because nobody can deny the awesomeness of Dimsum, please.

Cheryl and I got a new addition to our flat on Friday! She is a 6 weeks old young Russian Dwarf Hamster and we've named her Cleo! She is ├╝ber cute and is really active in the wee hours in the morning. Haha! She really likes her wheel and eats all her pumpkin seeds in her feed first before eating anything else. Ah, too happy that she's joined our family in this flat!

That and I really want to lose 11lbs. If I lose 11lbs, I will be a happy bee with myself.


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