Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reuniting with Allisan

Over last week, we (Diana, Cheryl and I) got graced by the presence of the amazing Allisan!!!!! :D We went down to Edinburgh to meet up with her since she was only in Scotland for a weekend and decided to spend a night as well! I'll just narrate the post with the pictures!

*Picture heavy post! 

D,C and My bottles for the ride. Haha

An artistic capture with Cheryl's face..

At night we went for dinner at The Witchery and we made reservations for it a month in advance and we still only managed to get places for 5.30pm :( So it was an early dinner albeit a delicious one!


OOTD: Maxi dress with slit from ASOS, Accessories from PRIMARK-- which has given me hives btw. Totes allergic to nickel :( Black heels with ribbons - ALDO

!!!!!!!! It was glorious being reunited with Alli !!! MY SCOTTISH SOULMATE

Alli and I had the same main course, we both had the Veal with fig, greens and a chocolate oil infused sauce... it was delicious and very different.

Diana's array of desserts.

The rest of us had this amazing tarte tatin with Chai ice-cream. BEAUTIFUL
 We also had starter and wine and etc but the place was SO freaking dark I couldn't actually snap decent pictures of them.

After dinner, since it was still early, we decided to go bar hopping! hehe and sampled many fine cocktails....

Really good cocktail. Don't remember what was in it but it tasted like lemonade T^T


Ended the night at a club called Shanghai... and it was decent albeit a little small. lol

The next day, we basically had food, shopping then met up with Alli for dinner.

This is a quaint little place Alli and I discovered last year called SNAX CAFE and they have really cheap good breakfast!!!!!!!!!

 We found a really good legit place to have dimsum in Edin down in Leith called Stack Dimsum house. The Dimsum was fantastic! The wantons were PHENOMENAL. I need to bring Jun there sometime soon.

For dinner we decided on a place called Mums which were are famed for their homemade sausages and array of mash.

(not before having some awesome fro-yo before hand...)

Allisan, it was amazing to see you again, it really did feel like you never left and I was really sad to say goodbye. You are the best and the most fun to be with around! I MISS YOUUUUUUUU

I had a spicy lamb sausage and a carrot&broccoli sausage on Basil and red-onion mash drowning in gravy.

Apple and Rhubarb crumble that really hit the spot!
And then we went back to Aberdeen without Allisan :(

I am really thankful for the opportunity to meet up with Allisan again! It was really good and so difficult to sum up the past 5 months into 1 day (barely) of conversations. YOU NEED TO COME BACK SOON WOMAN YOU HEAR?!

Actually, I need to talk to her /WA her regarding the fact that we need to meet up at least once every year for the many years to come. How i survived without Allisan in my life so far is a mystery T^T haha HAHAHAHAH /crazy fan.

This just goes to show how awesome she is ok and how super fun and cool and AWESOME her company is.


Lots of love,

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