Wednesday, November 7, 2012


"So I let them have their little victories which they need far more than I do." 
- Bukowski
I have been meaning to write an official blog post welcoming November into our presence but look, it's nearly 1 week into November and I've only just gotten round to writing this post.

How is everyone? For those who I'm not in contact with at the moment and you are reading this, how are you? How is your life? How do you feel that 2012 is fast approaching it's end and 2013 is just round the corner? How do you feel about that?

For the record, I am fine. I am alive. I am relatively fit and healthy. I am still breathing. I am still going to university almost every day (not the weekends obviously) and I am still the same, really. I am however very concerned about how fast the time seem to be moving past us and how horrible and cold and wet the weather is here in Aberdeen at the moment. It sure is depressing to look out of the window and all you see is the gray and how cold it is and being afraid to go out because you never know just how many layers you will actually need to combat the cold.

On the other hand, I am excited for this month. This weekend (in two days), I will be in Frankfurt with Diana for a lovely girly weekend filled with window shopping (for me- because I am properly broke), shopping (for Diana- because she is very much more sensible with money as compared to me.) and eating. I love Germany. I love the food, I love the language, I love the order the country is in and this is my third year heading back to Germany consecutively. I've been to most places in the south but this will be my first time to Frankfurt. I would love to discover Hamburg some day in the future as well but not to fret Amelia, you will be going back to Germany sooner than you'd expect.. haha.

Also in this month is Jun and my first anniversary and I am so excited for this one. This may sound horrible but it is true-- I have never been in a relationship with the same guy for more than a year. So this really is new to me and so much excitement! (Tbh, my longest ever relationship before Jun came into my life was really only 7 months so every month I'm with Jun is a new stepping stone and it's great!) hehe I can't believe time has gone by so quickly, I feel like I have only been with him for 6 months.. but it's been good months. Bad months too, but more good than bad and as long as the good outweighs the bad, we don't really have a problem right? (Or at least that's what I tell myself.)

Seeing as I only have 2 more months till 2013, I am trying to make the most of it. I am in the gym 5 out of the 7 days in the week and I've been trying to push myself as hard as I can. I hope I will see results in a bit so I can proud of the hard work I have put in. Also, since I need to save money, I say this is a great time to embark on a new diet and so I have been from the beginning of this month! I will slack a little when I am away from Aberdeen because what is a holiday without getting to eat all the scrumptious foreign food? But I will be good to my body and good to myself when I am in Aberdeen so fingers crossed for the dedication that I must have in me for these two months to be good.

In addition, I want to start to really be happy for people around me and I want to smile more (I have been trying to smile at strangers a lot more these days.. it's motivating and such a mood-lifter when people smile back but you get those who will just wear a frown on their face and it is so sad.) I've had a few children who has smiled back at me and oh my days, the feeling it gives me... makes me so happy!

These are just some of the changes I am hoping to make in my life. I want 2012 to end in a good note so I can start 2013 in an even better note! (Even though our exams are in the beginning of January.)

I hope everyone is well and safe and sound and loved. There are a few people who reads my blog from time to time and I know you do, I just want you to know you are missed in my life and I want to re-connect but I don't know how and I don't know if it'll work.. but if you are one of these few people, drop my an email or something, let me know what you think. If we find time to write a line or two every other day at least, we will find time for each other. I will find time for you. Really and truly.

Other than that.. wish me luck for all that I am hoping to do these coming two months! I am going to need it! hehe

Lots of love,

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