Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ah, here I am. 10.44PM on a Saturday night, having just spent over 13 hours in the library revising for my exam this wednesday. What could I possibly be doing at such a time after what I've been doing all day long?

Baking a cake. That's what I am doing.

Not just any cake, I am making a an Olive Oil Lemon Cake ala In Jennie's Kitchen.

I am excited for the outcome! I've been wanting to make this cake in the longest time and I guess to me, this is the best time. Cake soothes all souls. Tired souls. Hungry souls. Angry souls. Stressed souls.. especially stressed souls. I'm going to hope this cake turns out well so that I can distribute them lovingly among my lovely stressed ones. (Mostly Cheryl.. followed by.. Sinda.. followed by Jun & Diana.. although I won't be seeing Diana tomorrow I think so I don't know if she'll get to eat it. lol) but yeah. Cake is the best thing in the world.

I love cake so much. I love it as much as I love making them. I have so many baking plans for this year! So many recipes to try!!!!! So exciting. Hehe I've already promised Sinda a cheesecake for her birthday as well, so I need to go on another recipe hunt to look for the perfect cheesecake to bake for her!!!!

Jun is coming by later and I can't wait. Never mind the fact that I only just saw him a little over 4 hours ago, I can't wait to see his face and I can't wait to have him to hug and kiss again. Excuse the overdosage of "sweetness" here but nearly 14 months with this man and everyday I still feel my heart race and sing whenever I see him. Ahhhh. I hope to be perpetually on this cloud 9. It is such a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Jun.. he really does make my world a better place. I am always so thankful :)

Okay then, 20 more minutes till this cake is done and I cannot waitt!! I'm gonna play some games I downloaded for my iPhone.. OH YA. I haven't blogged since the New Years, well, I've gone over to the "dark" i.e Apple side of things for phones. I'll touch on this subject next time :P hehe

Anyway, I do believe I am the luckiest girl in the world sometimes.

Mostly because I have so many who are willing to love the mess that I am.

Lots of love,
Amelia XX

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