Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lucky 7 Canteen, Glasgow

Had a 2D/1N trip down to Glasgow with Cheryl the past two days and it was such a good trip! Especially since it was after boxing day therefore all the good deals are still up and running. Managed to score myself a new pair of boots from Jones since my one and only sensible pair of boots is dying after 1.5 years of constant wear.. yeah Amelia, why didn't you buy more sensible shoes instead of the array of shoes that are not made for Aberdeen or even UK's weather?! Anyway, I got the boots for a lovely 50% off and therefore only paid £87! Such a bargain and it is so nicely made as well. Very happy with my purchase. Also bought an ensemble from Urban Outfitters because everything was nearly 50% off as well. Happy days! Also managed some boxing day sales shopping in Aberdeen and scored some new clothes and makeup. Happy bunny! :D

Anyway, while we were down in Glasgow we managed to sample some excellent food, we had some really nice dimsum for lunch at Chinatown Restaurant, lovely spanish tapas and sparkling sangria for dinner at  Cafe Andaluz. The next day we sampled some good malaysian fare at Rumours Kopitiam which brought back plenty of memories and for dinner headed to where I will be blogging about today:

Lucky 7 Canteen.
166 Bath Street, Glasgow

We both started off with a cocktail each and I must say, as a drinker of many cocktails, their cocktails were beautifully done with lots and lots of "liao" (in english: ingredients). I had an Orange and Lime Caipironska while Cheryl enjoyed an Apple and Cucumber collins. Both were very much appreciated. Also, plus points to this restaurant/bar was that the minute we sat down, a waiter came round with tap water without us asking! That was very much appreciated. Also, I must say that the service in this restaurant was very very good. Our water was always topped up and service was prompt and helpful! :)

The place itself was very lovely, welcoming, very very cosy. There is a lovely bar area in the front when you open the main doors and if you're looking to have a meal, they have ton of seats inside of the restaurant. I definitely enjoyed the decor and atmosphere. :)

For the mains, I ordered a dish that consisted of seared salmon with braised rice, wilted greens in a lemon and dill cream sauce. It was delicious! I finished off my plate of food in 8 minutes (or even less! considering towards the end I realised how fast I was eating and was trying to slow down/ dilly dallying with my drink etc.) I wasn't even that hungry to begin with! The salmon was done very nicely and the sauce was perfect. It wasn't too think to the point of being "jelat" so I definitely enjoyed it.

Cheryl ordered Confit of pork belly with colcannon potatoes & a cider/honey glaze. I tried her potatoes and boy, were they freakin' amazing! I don't know what they put into the potatoes but it was excellent! There was a taste that I couldn't distinguish and I enjoyed it very much so I can imagine just how much Cheryl enjoyed her dish as a whole! The gravy was very lovely as well. Both our dishes costed £10.

For dessert, Cheryl ordered a double nougat with lovely creamy vanilla ice-cream sandwiched in between and berry sauce slathered over it. She told me that she really enjoyed her dish. To be honest, I have never seen such a dessert so it is definitely something very unique. This dessert was £3.50.

I ordered a Cranachan which is a Scottish dessert consisting of fruits, oats, whisky and cream. Safe to say I enjoyed my Cranachan very very much. It was light and fluffy and the sweetness was just right. I was also given a shortbread cookie with it which I appreciated very much as well.  This too was £4.25.

The total bill came up to a lovely £37.75 for a two-course meal with cocktails for two which I would say was very worth it and reasonable. The two courses filled us up very well and the atmosphere was just lovely to be in and the service was great.

When I visit Glasgow again in the future, this is one of the places that I will most definitely be returning to. I've already told Jun that we will go there the next time we make a trip down to Glasgow! :)

I hope y'all enjoyed this review and if you ever head down to Glasgow, to try this restaurant out. Let me know what you think!


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