Monday, December 31, 2012

In 2012,

My annual end of year summary of what I have done in 2012!
  • Cities I have travelled to: Berlin (for New year 2012), Buxton, Copenhagen, Lund, Malmo, Kristianstad, Stockholm, Frankfurt, BSB, Kota Kinabalu, Amsterdam, Burges, Luxembourg, London (several times), Glasgow and Edinburgh. (Both of which several times as well)
  • Turned 21 and had a smashing celebration for it.
  • Celebrated Jun and my first anniversary. 
  • Got a hamster for the flat in October: Cleo.
  • Started going to the gym seriously and broke some personal records for the treadmill and started weight lifting which resulted in muscles in the arm and was really really excited. 
  • Stayed within a weight range the entire year/ did not put on excessive amount of weight. Usually fluctuated between 53 and 55kg.
  • Started my first job as a Catering Assistant for the University and earned my first paycheck in October! Learned a lot of new things that I didn't know I was capable of. :) 
  • My cooking got better and I tried making new dishes. 
  • Exercised my chinese language more and been progressing with my Cantonese, mandarin and hokkien. 
  • Started a mandarin course in Uni and have been coping quite decently. 
  • Sinda came to visit Brunei in June and I am proud to say that I was able to fulfil 3 weeks of bringing her around Brunei and being proud of the country that I grew up in. Also, spent an amazing weekend in KK with her and my family.
  • Bought too much make-up and have come to the realization that I cannot buy anymore. One can only have one too many eye palettes and eyeliners. Lol and lipstick. :P That said, I have gotten better at make-up and I find joy in putting it on, on a daily basis. 
  • Permed my hair and let it grow out- best decision ever. I LOVE MY HAIR. lol 
  • Managed to fit into a size 6 Miss Selfridges dress although on average I am a UK size 10 and occasionally able to fit into UK size 8. My goal in life is to fit into a UK size 8 comfortably and even better a UK size 6 (but this will require me to be sub 45kg and I think I still have a long long way to get there. lol)

To be fair, 2012 hasn't been the worst for me but hasn't been the greatest either simply because for some reason this year, I fell into a lot of dark holes and it was difficult for me to cope which resulted me in minor depression from time to time. However, I will and am hoping to change that for 2013. I have bought a journal to write in it and to remind myself of all the things I can be grateful for in life and hopefully it will lift my spirits in time and keep my emotions in check. Also, I promise to write and update this blog more often. :)

Let's all make 2013 our year!!!

Happy New Year 
to all my readers, old and new.
Thank you for reading this blog. 

Amelia :) 

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