Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner 2012

Hello Everyone!!! 

Last night Cheryl and I went to the Granite Park for our Christmas Eve dinner! It was a three course meal with tea and coffee for £34 per person! I think the meal was marvelous and so very delicious! It was SO filling, oh my days, after eating everything I didn't think I could move anymore but Cheryl says that is the whole point of Christmas dinners! hehe 

Here are some pictures from our dinner out! We ate for a total of 3.5 hours. Amazing or whut! hehehe

My dinner date for the evening!

The Amuse bouche that was presented to us, smoked salmon creme in a tart with we don't know what on the top. It was delicious nonetheless. We were also served a warm homemade basil roll with flavoured butter.

My Starter:
Confit of duck and white bean terrine, Celeriac remoulade, thyme crostini, truffle vinaigrette.

I was quite weary about ordering this for my starter as I wasn't too keen on the thought of eating a terrine (in my mind, a terrine is a jellyfied meat) but I am glad I did. This didn't have any jelly feeling to it and it just felt like I was eating lots and lots of yummy duck meat packed into a rectangle shape with white beans! The remoulade was super super delicious and went with the terrine so well. It was definitely a very rich dish.

 Cheryl's Starter:
Ballontine of salmon, Pickled cucumber, horseradish cream, chive and avruga dressing.

Acc. to Cheryl, it was very balanced and the pickled cucumbers made the whole dish very refreshing. That Ballontine of Salmon is basically cooked salmon meat rolled up in a piece of smoked salmon which was very delicious! 

Our Mains:
Roast sirloin of Scotch beef, Creamed potatoes, French beans, port jus

I know it doesn't look like much but oh my days, after we were done with this we basically struggled with our dessert! The beef was fantastically done! I asked for mine to be medium well and it came out well done on the outside but in the center of the piece of beef it was still slightly pink. It was definitely a joy to eat it.  Cheryl had hers a little pink just the way she liked it and was very satisfied with it as well. We asked for extra port jus and also horseradish was given to us to eat with the beef fillet. The creamed potatoes were lovely and the vegetables were all done to perfection. DISH WELL DONE *stars*

Our Dessert:
White chocolate, banana and popcorn cheesecake, Dark chocolate and hazelnut liqueur drizzle.

First off, let me say, the picture does it no justice. The portion was HUGE. It was a really big piece of cake and since Cheryl and I both had a slice, we were pretty much done by the end of the meal. It was DELICIOUS. I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake myself but this was very well done! :) The cheesey part was very light and fluffy with the slightest hint of banana and popcorn so that was delightful and it was so nice to have bits of white chocolate and popcorn all around the dish. The slab of cream on the top was also very much appreciated.

The meal ended with a pot of tea for the both of us (green tea for Cheryl and peppermint tea for me) as well as homemade chocolate mints-- which was basically homemade mentos. IT WAS FREAKING LOVELY! I wish I could buy a box home. I am a crazy person for mint chocolate!!!!! lol We also had our meal with a lovely bottle of red that was so smooth and light and a dream to drink! 

That's our Xmas eve dinner! Tonight for Christmas we are roasting chicken legs with assorted roasted vegetables, gravy and potato rosti. For dessert we are having apple crumble! I am typing this as the chicken legs are roasting so I am definitely excited for the meal! :D 

Also, attended a Christmas mass in a beautiful church this morning with Cheryl and it was definitely a lovely experience. I've been to churches here before but never on christmas and it was really nice to sing along to all the christmas carols in such a beautiful church! 

Anyway, I hope all of you had and are having a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love!!


And our beautiful Cleo *heart*


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