Friday, May 10, 2013

Will be back soon

I've been meaning to return to the blogging community for a while now, complete with lovely pictures and memories to boot. However, unfortunately blogger has been acting up and just won't let me upload pictures! Ugh.

Anyway, it is 840 am and I am sat in the library half asleep, looking at pictures on Tastespotting (because for some reason I am STARVING) and being a nuisance to Jun who's finishing up his thesis. (Not really, tying to be of moral support.. but I don't know if it's been working.) lol

Exams are at the end of the month - 28th and 31st of May and in true Amelia fashion, been procrastinating the hell out of it. 3 more weeks today I tell my self so I will start serious revisioning come Monday. Oh yeaaaah. That said though, we've had all our final classes this week for uni. If all goes well, those would have been the last classes of my LIFE.

Why am I SO BLOODY HUNGRY. I am going to buy jarred pesto (pls dont judge) and just mix it with a TON of pasta and sundried tomatoes later.

And then I have work.


Life of a procrastinator.

Lots of love

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