Monday, June 17, 2013

Post results

Hello! Life after exams have been so freaking hectic. This is the first morning I've been able to not to anything although after this I have a hotpot to prepare for, to clean up the house to have it presentable for my guests and work in the late afternoon after which, I'll come home and prep a little more for the hotpot. Nevertheless, I am very excited for the hotpot sesh tonight! :) It's been quite difficult to plan it out since everyone is so busy at the moment (I know right, after the exams no less) and I am very happy that people have taken their time to make some time for my hotpot night :)

Results came out on Saturday and it has been so stressful for me since every day after my exam I have been checking obsessively the student portal for my results. Jun can vouch for me when I say I wake up at 4am every morning just to refresh my student portal because that's when it gets refreshed :P Safe to say, those sleepless nights are over for now (until I find something new to stress out about) hehe.

But all my worrying was for nothing! I've passed all my exams, doing even better than I expected myself to and I am proud to say: I will be graduating this summer! (^_^) I am so proud of myself and I am so thankful for my parents who constantly gave me hope and were supportive with all my decisions throughout my 4 years and didn't go cray on me when things didn't go according to plan. I am extremely thankful for my boyfriend, Jun in this past year and a half for being my pillar of strength when I was very stressed out and for being there to calm me during my panic attacks about the exams and so very very thankful for my friends who were always egging me on to not give up and kept my hopes up high and accompanied me to study and were there for me throughout my uni years, you guys know who you are. V(^_^)V

My ceremony is in two weeks (perfect two weeks actually!) and my parents will be here at the end of next week so I've got two weeks to clear up my entire flat, pack things up to send back, clean up my place, spend as much time as I can with my love, Jun and just soak up Aberdeen as much as I can. It is sad to say that I will most definitely miss Aberdeen. I think it's where I've ever been the most me I could ever have been. It's the place where I have grown up the most and met some of the most wonderful people. It is where my life is. I am going to miss Aberdeen, the simplicity of King Street and Union street, the people, my home.. I've got so many memories in this city and it kills me to know that I won't be able to call this wee little city my home anymore after my graduation.

But this is life isn't it, it moves on and I guess it's my turn to start a new chapter.. I've been thinking very long and hard about going back to Brunei and I would be lying if I say that I am not scared, nervous, afraid.. it's just so difficult to get back into the groove of things back in Brunei. I've never bothered really, to get back into the groove when I went home for summer and stuff usually cause I knew I would be coming back to Aberdeen. Therefore, this is going to be my next challenge.. try and make the best out of Brunei as I can. Don't be afraid, don't be shy, just be who you are. It'll be okay. (I hope-- or that's what Jun keeps telling me whenever I confide my fears to him)

Anyway, there's loads to do today so I'll be back on the blog soon!


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