Saturday, June 8, 2013

Post exams

Finished my exams a week ago, and I've literally just been working, spending time with B and trying to get as much sleep as I can. It sucks that it is bright so  early in the morning because it means that I wake up at 6am and there is absolutely nothing I can do to go back to sleep. This is bad because around 11am I'll get the morning slump and I'll be so awfully tired and grumpy :(

I am really impatient for my results to appear on my student portal and this has resulted in me obsessively checking my result page a few times a day even though it only ever refreshes once a day at 5 in the morning. It doesn't help that checking facebook, some of my friends in other fields have gotten their results and it's making me more T_T than ever. 

Apart from that, work has been good. Said some goodbyes already since some of my shifts are contracted to the end of the term and it made me real sad, I've been working alongside these people for the past 9 months and have somehow gotten quite attached to them :) But it was a good experience and a pleasure getting to meet them! I've got other shifts, till last me till the end of June and that will be the end of my first ever job in my life :) I am always so blessed to have been able to work as I have for the past month. Life-changer surely.

Been spending as much time as I can with my lovely wondrous Jun since counting today we have barely 3 weeks and half to spend together before the start of a LDR that has no ending date. I mean, he has another year to go here in Aberdeen and I'm back in Asia with no idea what I am going to do about my future. We're just gonna play it out as it is and if we both have the same vision as we do now, we'll work it out somehow.

I've been wanting to put more pictures up on my blog but just came to the sad realization that actually I haven't been able to take a lot of picture and thus have no pictures to put up :( I do want to blog about my travels so far though so I might do  a little travelogue (very outdated) but  I am feeling so.... bored at the moment, like I really wanna go travelling and seeing as I do not have the time or funds for that I might as well relive my travel memories on this blog.

That said though, Jun and I are heading down to Glasgow for a 2D/1N stay in two weeks and I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT. We are also meeting Jhenath and Jon in Glasgow as we are not able to make it to their wedding so that is really exciting and Jun and I will be celebrating out 19th month there as well! Booked a really cool boutique hotel so I  am most definitely looking forward to the hotel 8) hehe

I hope everyone who reads this is well and good, look forward to my next blog post, soon, promise!


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