Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vanilla Twilight

Hello everyone! Back to update this lone space for a bit.

I never realised how much I love curry till I came to Malaysia. I mean, I really like curry. Like, I could eat it everyday kind of like. Gimme curry, and rice anytime and that can be my main meal FOR LYF. I might even like it more than I like kolo mee (?!) WTF actually, I don't know. I can't choose. Please don't make me choose.

Because I really like kolo mee too. And since I'm heading back to Bruland in about 2 weeks, I can't wait to eat all the kolo mee (not this kind) to my fatty heart's content.


Apart from eating (I mean what else is there for me to do? lol).. actually scratch that. I'm just gonna post all them food pictures first. 

B.B.Q Plaza with Hazel on Saturday

Deep fried Bacon filled with Enoki rolls.
(SO DARN GOOD. AMG And I don't even like bacon T^T)

Nommy nommy

This dish above..... made me cry. Not only because it was so darn good, but because of how spicy it was. My mouth was literally on fire. I've never felt so much pain while eating something that tastes so good.
Chatime Popcorn Chicken -so soft and succulent and nommy.

 ALL THIS FOOD RIGHT?! My daily diet consists of a roti telur in the morning, followed by curry rice in the afternoon (+ all the snickers bars to my hearts content and krim krackers)  and then something different for dinner (or instant noodles........) 

I will admit it, not the most healthy but so tasty though! (I can also hereby confirm that  I can eat Roti Telur every day of my life because I love it.) 

Last night, finally got to try Pepper Lunch and dang was it good!!!!!! I had the beef curry w/ cheese and rice and topped it with sooooo much garlic soy sauce. SO GOOD.

 I live to eat. I really do. I just want to eat every day of my life. It is my favourite thing to do.

 Also, celebrated Oktoberfest last weekend with my cousins and their friends. And it was a lot of beery goodness.

Have a good week y'all (it's a public holiday today)


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