Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 03/365

3 days into the New Year, what would you be expecting to expect? I wasn't really expecting much. Just a new year.. new day. Same shit, just different day.

Now. This is where Yat Jun will voice out," Babe, it has nothing to do with the New Year, can you just stop focusing on how there's been a series of unfortunate happenings..". That's my boyfriend guys, always the more positive one of of us two (and probably why he's in my life- cause he's awesome and patient like that.)

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, anyway, the start of my New Year has not been anything like what I imagined. Definitely not, " same shit, just a different day" kind of thing.

First thing in the morning, after a very panicky night from a work fuck-up, I manage to get foundation ALL over the floor while I was trying to get just a tiny dime-sized amount out. That's pretty much half of the foundation in the bottle gone. Can I add that it was a brand new bottle as well?

To make things even more exciting, I fell face first on the steps of the LRT, in front of an awesome crowd of people. This wasn't just embarrassing, it was fucking painful and I had to act like I "wanted" to fall down, like it was all part of the plan. Ha ha. I have a beautiful flower of a bruise on my knee now to remind me to never buy shoes a little bigger because they will come off while you're walking up a flight of stairs and they will make you trip and they will make you regret buying them.

Work was not too good either. Stressful to say the least.

By the end of the working day all I wanted was to cry on Yat Jun's arms and chest and a big bowl of vanilla ice-cream topped with a lot of cake pieces.

But I got neither of those. I did however have lovely friends (that I met as colleagues) who helped picked me up and told me that everything was going to be alright. I did get to have a homecooked meal with my Aunty & family. I did get to speak to my mom and dad and saw Pepper in all her CNY outfits and Scampy even stayed on the camera for a little bit. I did get a phonecall from a friend who suggested we could grab brunch on Saturday. I did get to Skype with the love of my life who is one of the most supportive person I know in my life. I also did get to go out for drinks and laughs and banter with my cousins and their friends and it was great. Just to let everything go.

I'm just saying that today, I am thankful for all the little things in life that adds up into big things that stops me from wanting to do stupid things like onto a running train at the LRT station or not looking both ways before I cross a busy road.

Life is pretty much shit but when there's amazing people in it then everything gets just a little bit better. :)


p/s still fucking stressed out bout work tho, not exactly looking forward to next week. I WISH I WAS A TIME TRAVELLER.

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