Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 04/365

Today has been one of them better days. Thank you greater powers above! 

Didn't get home till about 6 in the morning so you can expect that sleep was definitely a must for me today. 

However, surprisingly I got up with ease this morning for a brunch date with Fiona and Choon Seng! They brought me to this quaint little place called Awesome Canteen and it was really quite nice! 

I am all about the blue cheese in burgers and so that's exactly what I ordered! A blue cheese beef burger. It was absolutely delicious esp since there were copious amounts of blue cheese with my burger patty. The only problem I had with my meal was that it got really soggy after a while and I think it might have been from the tomatoes+juiciness of the patty. All in all it was a really delightful meal :) 

We ended the meal sharing a lovely slice of salted caramel chocolate cake which was just super fluffy and just not too sweet. Definitely enjoyed that very much! 

After the meal, Fiona and I went out for some grocery/necessities run and then chilled out at ShareTea for a bit while waiting for the extremely heavy rain to stop. 

I reached home at about 5 and took a shower and literally just died in bed. Haha I was SO exhausted! By the time I woke up, it was already half 9! Pretty much slept through dinner time and I think if Hazel didn't wake me up I would have most probably just sleep till the morning.

I'm quite glad she woke me up though. Cause I needed to speak to my parents and my dearest Jun. Hehe and then subsequently went out for a quick dinner at a nearby mamak. Roti telur will satisfy anybody's appetite anytime of the day. ❤️ 

Anyway, I am glad today had been a good day. I can only hope for better days to come in the future! 

Hope everyone had a good Saturday and will have an even better Sunday! 


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