Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 05/365

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday/weekend cause that's exactly what I had! Lovely, fun-filled and just so very hopeful. 

Started the day off with banana leaf rice at Sri Nirwana at Bangsar. It was delish. I love curry/dhal/vegan Indian food and have been wanting to try the banana leaf rice here in Malaysia. I've eaten it a fair few times in Brunei and I've always adored it especially since it's all refillable. *greedy* 

This did not disappoint at all. Everything was pretty much spot-on and my only regret was ordering 100+ to accompany my meal. All that gas made it impossible for me to have a second helping of rice. Although, I did get double servings of those deep fried vege goodies. 

After a super scrumptious lunch, we headed back home to drop off Hansen cause he refuses to go shopping and picked up two other housemates to head down to Ikea! I've been wanting to get another set of sheets for my bed so I am glad we made the trip. 

Of course, no trip to Ikea is complete without the super super RM1 ice cream! 

Man, I wish I didn't wear white. That's my ice cream camouflaging with my top. 

Speaking of my top, I wish I did an OOTD cause it says: "Do all things with Love." Which I think is an amazing phrase. 💕💕 

After that we all went for a foot reflexology sesh! RM33 for an hour including a 5min shoulder and head massage. SO WORTH IT. Also, was told that the knot in my back is unbelievable and it's going to take a couple of sessions to sort that shit out. 😒 

We went for dinner shortly after.. 

Can I just clarify how much I LOVE lala (clams)?I love them so much I could eat them every freaking day in every freaking way. Ugh. So glad we ordered it. *yum 

Then we ended our day by going to Tescos cause people wanted to buy stuff and: 

HELLO KITTY AND MY MELODY angpao packets!!!!! So cute and lovely I had to snap a pic and send it to le boyfriend to tell him that this is what we'll be buying in about 8 years to give to all them kids. 

Then I panicked and wondered what if HK and MM is out of fashion by then?! Does that mean I'll have to buy them now and stock up? 

Le boyfriend never fails to entertain me. He told me that it should be fine and that he's pretty sure HK and MM will never run out of fashion. 

This, my friends (and readers) is exactly why I love this guy so much. Hahahahhahahah. 

Anyway, I've had an amazing weekend and I am feeling so happy and thankful for all the amazing people around me. The world would be so shit without them and for that, I am beyond thankful. 


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  1. Jhenath11:42 PM

    I seriously need those hello Kitty angpao packets. All the ones I've seen here are pretty boring!