Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 08/365

Today has been quite an interesting day. started off with a terrible throat and ending it off with an even more terrible throat. But thats's alright. 

Managed to catch the #Churpremiere of #Hercules3D tonight and it was quite interesting! Haha. Kellan lutz is a mega babe although, I don't think he is the best actor there is. Haha. More like eye candy material really. Storyline was super predictable and cheesy. I think Jun might've enjoyed it :p 

Also got to try Ippudo today with Aster for a quick dinner before the movie! 

It was tasty and I put in way too much fresh garlic and I am now sorta dying from all that garlicky goodness in my breath. Hahahahha 

Mmm all that garlic. 

Also stopped by M.A.C to pick up some new lippies. I haven't bought any in the past couple of months so I thought I'd treat myself to a few. Been wanting to get Impassioned and Vegas volt for a bit now but unfortunately Malaysia doesn't stock Vegas volt :( Just gonna get baby to get it for me! I did however get to pick up Impassioned, Candy YumYum and one from the new line: Huggable in Love Beam! So happy with my purchases. 

Happy with them. 

So tired. Going to shower, talk to the love of my life for a bit and head off too slumber city. 


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