Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 25/365

Hello everyone! I had a fantastic Saturday that I can't stop being thankful for all the little things. 

Started it off with a little vroom vroom down to Podgy and the Banker to meet up with Jessica and Rosanne :D 

And it was SO MUCH FUN. I haven't seen Jessica in about a month and a half so it was great seeing her too. She's such a fantastic person :) 

Also passed Rosanne her birthday gift from Aster and I. It was a shame Aster couldn't make it though! It would have been tripled the fun! 

The food was decent. Nothing to scream about really. Had a mocha and a chicken & avocado sammie and they used unripe avocados which is a huge no-no! So they were a little difficult to eat. And then we shared a Victoria sponge and boy was I disappointed. I am actually quite pissed that they can get such a simple cake wrong?! 

Sure I finished the cake (I love cake-- and will eat EVERY single kind of cake no matter the quality) but it doesn't stop me from being pissed off. Lol. Victoria Sponge is my ultimate fav. cake in the world and I could eat it for days. Followed by Fresh Mango cream cake but now I'm getting side tracked. 

The problem is a Victoria sponge is meant to be fluffy and the cream is meant to be a dream where it's smooth and LOVELY and yummy. The jam's not meant to be too tart as well cause it just screws with the flavour of the cake!!!!

If anyone has good recommendations for cake please pass them my way so I can give them a try. PLEASE. 

And the aforementioned "Victoria sponge": 

Look at how stiff the cake be lookin'. I miss a good VS. truly. I am going to ask Yat Jun to see if he could sneak back a slice from Marks and Sparks when he comes to visit! 

I hope he says yes and then surprises me with a whole cake. *HEHEHE* 

Amelia the cake glutton. 

Then our little session ended and I made my way back home where I got lost several times on the way because I can't seem to follow directions. My car GPS must be thinking what an idiot I am. Lolol like she gives me instructions that I am obviously having difficulty trying to comprehend. Hahahha oh well. 

Brought my aunts out to Makan tonight as well and we have Coco's which is a steamboat place that specialises in pork bone broth! So noms.


We spent a good 3.5 hours at dinner which was fantastic. I love long dinners where we can just sit and chit chat forever. Lol 

Now as I am typing this out I'm relaxing with a mask and listening to my fav song at the moment. One Directions's Story Of My Life. (I can feel Aster and Jun's stare of disapproval already. Oh wait, and Rosanne's too!) hehehehhe BUT IT IS SO GOOD AND CATCHY. I love it. 



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