Thursday, February 13, 2014


Good evening everyone! right now I have the longest nails I've ever been capable of keeping so it makes typing a little more difficult. So far I think I've not biten my nails in nearly 2 months. I know people who would be proud of my accomplishment so far :D hehe

Valentine's day is tomorrow and so is Chap Goh Meh. If you know me, you'll know I don't celebrate Valentine's day. Really, I don't need a special day to scream out to the world that I love my boyfriend (y'all know I do already.. hahahaha) or squeeze with a billion other couples eating the same overpriced menu and holding the same overpriced flowers. I reallly don't. Valentine's day = a scam. Really. Told one of my colleagues earlier on today that I don't celebrate it and she gave me a really big "WHYYYYYY? But you look like the sort who would enjoy it." Yeah, no.

In regards to Chap Goh Meh, being the last day of CNY.. WHY IS TIME GOING SO QUICK? Just two weeks ago I was in Switzerland travelling out and aboot. Well, today two weeks ago I just visited the Black Forest in Germany. haha. How time flies. soon enough it'll be the end of March and Jun will be here.

SPEAKING OF TIME. (completely irrelevant) but.... TAYLOR SWIFT is FINALLY coming to KL!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited. I ADORE Taylor Swift and I can sing along to almost ALL of her songs so I am ecstatic. Ticket sales start on the 1st of March so... believe me when I say Ive got an alarm set for that day already. HEHEHEHE

This weekend is a busy one and I want to slot in a nail appt too. I need to get them trimmed and shaped ASAP. (I do adore these long nails tho.)

Okay, off to sleepy land for me. I've been having the most tired days and eyebags as big as coin pouches. Thankgoodness for concealers.

Today someone said something real sweet to me today. They told me that they think I'm good at my makeup and they trust my judgement on all things makeup. It made me really proud and happy. Thank you! (^_^)



  1. You are not alone! I do not celebrate Valentine's either. Never did!

    And yes, I'm happy you have not biten you nails for 2 months now. I remember you telling me that you'll still bite even if there's nail polish on it! LOL.

    You'll know what I'll be doing on 1st March tooooh.

    Haha. Have a good Friday. Yay! Weekend. :)

  2. Jessica4:52 AM

    Hi princess mia. Just dropping by to say I AM PROUD OF YOU. Hope your little earth worm is growing too. take pic of ur nails after they are done k :D <3