Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 51/365

Now that all my nails are gone, I am now able to type with a little more ease. Totally heartbroken about them nails though. I had to cut all of them off just because of one lousy nail! Damnit. Thank god for the appt this Saturday to fix them nails. They are looking totally horrible right now :( Sob

Anyway, I thought I'd blog about Day 4 of my CNY trip to Switzerland! :)

Basically, since we stayed in Interlaken for two nights instead of one (the rest of the hotels we only stayed in them for the night) the next day, we went on another optional add-on tour. This time to the top of Europe: Jungfrau. Which basically means young woman. (Jung - pronouced "yung" means young and frau is German for woman)

This is the view outside of our hotel early in the morning. I wish I took a panorama shot, it was breathtaking and we could actually see this from our hotel room too so waking up was pleasant. Especially, with all the cold air surrounding us.

This is our "passport". We could stamp the last page of the book as well and I did, but I didn't take of photo of that unfortunately :P

 We had to take a 45 minutes (about there) train ride up the mountain with about 2 changes. It was quite uncomfortable mainly because of the altitude that a lot of us felt a little nauseous. The ride back down, everyone in our group slept soundly mostly because we felt super tired from all that altitude and cold!

 There was an ice cave that we visited and there were ice sculptures of all sorts.. penguins, eagles.. a man... haha.

It was FREEZING! Right at the top, we were given the opportunity to step out into the cold. It was -32 degrees. My eyebrows and nose froze in less than 5 minutes standing in the cold. But it was most definitely an experience. My mom enjoyed it loads and went out twice. haha!


Here's me and my momma right after coming back in. Look at my nose! So red-- it was in the process of thawing. haha!

Found a piece of Jun here as well! haha *inside joke-- basically, Jun is my sphinx who's always looking for his nose :P Speaking of Jun, I sent Diana and Jun a postcard from up here as well. It's the highest post office in the whole of Europe so naturally, I had to. Jun received his a couple of days later but Diana didn't :( 

There was a whole little series of weird statues that we could take photos of as well. Actually, there were loads to do up there! Which was quite surprising cause it wasn't something we were expecting. Unfortunately, we were all so tired that we ended up just rushing through things so that we could rest ASAP. 

 Just on the way back down to Interlaken after spending about 4 hours up in Jungfrau. It wasn't the least warm in Interlaken but after coming down all the way from the top of Europe.. it sure felt a hell lot warmer back down! :P

It was also my mother's birthday that day. So, fortunately, we had a free and easy dinner option so I googled the best place in Interlaken for food and I found a place. My parents and I made our way over which is always exciting! I love being on the hunt for food :D SO FUN. And the satisfaction one receives when you finally find the place is indescribable. I love it.

I am so happy I can read maps now and it is all thanks to Allisan! Ask me about 3 years ago and I wouldn't know how to follow a map at all. But yay!

We made it to a restaurant called Restaurant Baren and it served traditional Swiss food!

 My dad's pork cutlet with mushroom sauce and he opted for croquettes instead of mash/fries. Excellent choice! The pork was super tended and croquettes were simply amazing.

 Birthday woman's fish and rice. We had been eating so much meat that my mom was pretty much desperate for something that wasn't meat and also rice. Haha! We had been eating mainly potatoes up till this point :P Anyway, my mom enjoyed her dish a lot as well! Which was good :D
I, on the other hand kept things super traditional and ordered an emmental, bacon and egg Rosti. It was EGGCELENT. Truly. I can imagine Diana enjoying this just as much as I did. It was crispy and full of oomph! :D Did not regret this one bit.

The only thing I did regret was not ordering a pint of beer to accompany with. We all had wine with our meal but I feel that my dish would have gone perfectly with beer.

Apple pie for dessert. Basically the best I've had in a while. Oh, how I miss a good apple pie especially ASK's in the UK! Apple Rustica it's called.  If you're headed to the UK/in the UK, you need to try ASK's Apple Rustica okay! It's the best apple pie ever even though it is just a chain restaurant. 
 We also ordered a flaming icecream covered with chocolate just because we wanted to see it go up in flames! (Yes, my parents and I are super suaku when it came to this -- to be fair, the Swiss couple next to us were fairly entertained too so yay!) hehe. it was just good vanilla ice cream encased in a lovely choco shell and alcohol was poured around it. It was quite strong though, so my mom definitely enjoyed that :P
Here's a picture of our Restaurant from the outside. If you're ever headed to Interlaken, we definitely recommend this place. Plus, the decor inside is beautiful and there was a good selection of choice!

Restaurant Bären
Address: Seestrasse 2, 3800 Unterseen, Switzerland
I hope you enjoyed this post! Will be back with Day 5 soon enough :D
Also, we are having our Company's sports day tomorrow so we're playing Futsal. I know nothing about futsal and didn't find out it was indoor football till last week. So... we'll see how that goes. My team is team Germany and we'll be wearing Blue! hahahahaha
A little nervous for tomorrow. I hope I don't hurt anyone or get hurt myself! Jun was giving me some pointers and he told me if I had to do a header (is this even what it's called?!) that I shouldn't do it with my eye or nose.. he know me so well. HAHA (I am the clumsiest dodo bird ever)
Hope everyone had a great day! I spent mine nursing a bad tummy and a terrible backache (what else is new- ugh). Thank god for medication *godsent* 

Lots of love,

OH ya, before I forget and incase he checks in here: 

I hope you have the best year ever this year and I am super glad and thankful to be your friend. 


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