Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 52/365

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome Friday. Mine has been just lovely. Couldn't ask for a better way to end the working week. 

Spent the first part of my day getting my license done. I am now a proud owner of a valid Malaysian license which means I don't have to drive around with my Brunei license and be afraid of road blocks cause I ain't got nuthin' to hide sista. 😀 It only took me a good 15 minutes max to kaotim everything as well and did I also mention, it only took 20 minutes for me to get to work from home this morning. A normal commute usually takes me 45 minutes. Happy bunny me. 

A good start to the day mostly means the day is going to be good and judging by how well the start of the day was for me today, naturally, the rest of the day was great.  Hehe 

We had work till about 4 today and headed off for some Futsal action for our Sport's day. Didn't end up doing so well (are you actually surprised?) so we lost in the first round of things. But at least, I have now experienced Futsal! 

Yes, this is our team for the day. (L-R) Michelle, Nicholas, Myself, Ban and Antony (Team Leader and the guy who chose our t-shirts!) hahahaha, please excuse our vulgur t-shirts, we mean no harm! I also quickly changed out of the tee just before heading off to dinner cause I didn't want to offend anybody.. Lol

This is basically the whole company in one picture. Missing a couple of people but here's everyone who turned up for Futsal today! 

Heading out with Rosanne tomorrow at noon to get our nails done!! Mad excited. My nails are so horrid ATM I can't wait to transform them ❤️ Haha. Also, meeting dearest Allisan right after for tea so I am most definitely looking forward to that as well. 

My face right now is pretty much a war-zone, it makes me so sad. Damn you PMS/overbearing hormones. 

Whoops. Apologize for such a ratchet looking picture but can you see them spots? Three huge ones I don't even know what to do about them tomorrow.  

I am also looking into eyebrow embroidery! Might talk to mum about the possibility of this happening as a birthday gift!!!! Two months till I turn 23 and I am mighty excited!!! Birthday's will always be one of my favourite days of the year. Although, it will be slightly different this year since I won't be surrounded by the usual bunch. 

After Futsal, Su Wan and I headed for some Thai food and I am glad for the little Makan sesh. It is always nice to get to know someone a little more.

We had green curry chicken and salted fish baby kailan. It was pretty good :D hehe 

Oh oh! I ordered Yat Jun a box of marshmallows! And not just any marshmallows.. Marsmallows with our pictures on them! Basically, I ordered some of my favourite Instagram prints of us and had them printed on marshmallows! This way he gets to eat them too :D although, I am not entirely sure he'll be eating them? Will need to clarify with him later on the phone. Hahaha

Don't they look pretty legit? Above are the pictures I chose and at the bottom are the replicas on marshmallows! Also, delivery was super quick! Took them about a day to get them delivered over to my love.

If you're interested in edible adorable marshmallows (I'm not too sure with the edible part yet-- will check with Yat junk and let y'all know!), you can get them with free shipping here: You can also find them on twitter and Instagram! Great service and such an interesting and unique gift IMO. 

Anyway, I'll sign off now.  Going to get some reading down and wait for the LOML to get home from Uni so we can chit chat for a bit before I retire to sleepy land. 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend ahead! 

Lots and lots of love,
Amelia xo

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