Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 53/365

Hi everyone! Did everyone had an awesome Saturday? 'Cause I certainly did! 

Started off the day, not too bright and early with Rosanne and we headed to get our nails done! I picked her up too and I actually think I am getting better at the whole GPS business! *proud* Unfortunately though, got a pebble flung at my windscreen courtesy of Mother Nature and now I actually have a crack in my screen and I will need to take care of it ASAP. (T-T) I just need to remember that I am blessed enough to have a car and that it could have been an accident or a flat tyre but at least it is just a small crack on the screen. Also, it is not in the way of my sight as well. So yes, thankful! 

Anyway, Rosanne and I got our nails did and it is great so have lovely nails again (both foot and fingers) 

Also, went to a coffee place to chill out for a bit..

And Rosanne recommended the flat white which I did try. And it was lovely. I'm not the biggest coffee person but I think I am slowly getting the hang of it. Like, how I'm not much of a beer person before, but that obviously changed. Hahahaha 

After a lovely cuppa flat white, I headed down into KL city to meet the most awesome Allisan! I didn't realize that I have not actually met up with her since New Year's Day 2014! So it was most definitely lovely to see her again. 

We caught up over afternoon tea at the Tea Saloon at Starhill. It was RM70 for a set for two with one set of tea. I found this to be a little strange since in the UK, we would usually be given two separate choices of tea! Instead, we were given two cups for one pot of tea. I chose Orange Pekoe, but I don't really recommend it. It was bland and wasn't very fragrant at all. 

If you asked for my opinion, I think there wasn't enough sandwiches given. To be fair, the open sandwiches were delish--- there was hummus and cheese but it wasn't much. I think they could've provided more of an option or at least a few more pieces since there were only two pieces each. 

The scones/biscuits were nice. They gave a generous amount of clotted cream and jam which I really appreciated. I mean, what would scones be without clotted cream and jam?! So I was glad about that. The pastries/sweets were a little of a hit and miss.

Overall, it was a nice experience considering I've not actually had afternoon tea here in KL.  Service was a little meh but okay lah. I just wish there was a bit more food. I didn't think it was worth RM35/person. 

We then went about for a walk to Sg. Wang and Low Yat in search of various things. Then we went back to Pavillion for dinner. Settled on La Bodega finally for some Spanish tapas and they were pretty decent! Also ordered a jug of Sangria to share which was lovely. Not sweet enough though IMO.

My lovely date for the most of the day :) 

We ate and had great banter and I really really enjoyed myself. It has been she's since I've been out with someone and had so much to talk about. 

We didn't take any other pictures! Must really remember to take more pictures next time. Hahaha always forgetting till the last minute. 

Thank you Alli for a lovely day and dinner! ❤️💋 you're the best! 

Also.. #FOTD:

Eyes: Naked 3 Palette
Cheeks: Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Blissful
Face: Clarin's Ever Matte
Lips: NYX matte lips in Antwerp and NYX butter gloss in crime brûlée over it
Eyebrows: Sephora Own Brow Pencil in light brown 
Eyeliner: Missha liquid liner
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola 

Hope y'all enjoyed the post. I am so tired right now, gonna head over to bed ASAP! 

Lots and lots of love
Amelia xoxoxo 

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