Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 55/365

Today has been one hell of a tiring day for some reason. My eyeball has been acting up a lot but I've also ordered new lenses so hooray! Can't wait to have them here with me then I'll have fresh eyes once more. 

Attended the #Churpremiere of #NonStopMovie! Thanks ChurpChurp. 

The movie was... Ok. Out of a 5, I would probably give it a 3. I have definitely watched more exciting movies..  And this was not one of them. Halfway through the middle I got bored, and I thought the ending was very abrupt. It could have taken longer for everything to be solved without dragging the middle part a bit too much. At one point I thought Liam Neeson's character was crazy.. Like he was imagining the whole thing kind of like fight club in a way. But that wouldn't have made sense unless he had another pair of hands.. So I crossed that Idea up early on. Julianne Moore was lovely as always and I really enjoyed her role in the film. Liam Neeson is pretty darn good at acting all cray though, gots to give him that. 

Before that though, Aster, Swan and I headed to Soup Restaurant for dins! 

Definitely enjoyed their rice bowls! And desserts. Omnomnom. 

Also took some pictures with Swan earlier today as well: 

Before having lunch at "Shaker Booth Tea" Aster's fav dodgy place. It's not the dodgiest of course, food is decent and of good value. The lady who owns it however, could do with some attitude makeover but apart from that everything else is good there. 

That's my Taiwanese Lu Rou fan. Very nommy. I am a huge fan of Lu Rou fan. I could eat it everyday. I am pretty sure of that! :D 

Hope everyone had a good Monday and is looking forward to Tuesday. I am just honestly just looking forward to the weekend. HAHAHHAHA and my contact lenses arriving! 

Lots of love 
Amelia xox

PS: sorry about the backward telling of events haha! 

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