Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 56/365

Hello everyone!

Today has been quite a nice day although there were tons of cars on the road today. More so than usual me thinks.

I will be blogging about Day 5 of my Switzerland trip today :D

Day 5 - We headed to the capital of Switzerland today. Many people mistake Geneva or even Zurich as the capital of Switzerland but nope -- the capital is a city called Bern/Berne.  Or, at least I did. I was so sure Zurich was the capital only to be told no. Bern is. He he he

 We took about 3/4 hours on the coach to reach Bern and we stopped by a market to just catch a  glimpse of what their market place looked like. I adore European market places, so clean with all the varieties and friendly shopkeepers.

Have you seen so many variants of carrots ever? This was definitely my first time! My Fav were the short and fat carrots. TOO CUTE. Haha If i could adopt a carrot, I would have adopted one of those.

This is quite a weird one. Never seen something like it in my life. My dad was super curious about it and while he can't speak German, a very friendly passer by helped us to ask about it. Turns out it's meant to taste like artichoke and when washed super cleanly, we can eat it raw too! Nonetheless, safe to say we weren't brave enough to purchase some to try. I don't quite like the taste of artichoke anyway. haha

This is the Zytglogge clock! and also the start of the city's medieval old town. This clock had a proper cuckoo clock as well as an astronomical clock which is really quite cool, if you're into that kind of thing. It is also one of the biggest cuckoo clock around. 

We took a walk down and found ourselves outside Einstein's Apartment! It has been refurbished into a cafe but how cool to think that Albert Einstein was walking where we stood once upon a time!  This is why I enjoy listening to historical tours/ explanation of some sort.  I always love imagining what life might have been like in the olden days.

 What's the city of Bern without any bears? There was supposed to be a real brown bear around, but because it was cold, he/she was in hibernation therefore, mother and I took photos with the stationary one. HEHE

For lunch, I opted for sausages (SO GOOD) with an onion gracy and spaetzle! Spaetzle is basically one of my favourite forms of carbohydrates EVER. German potato noodles. That's what they are basically. But they're super Q and tasty and oh my days, taste amazing with just butter and a tiny bit of salt. I am pretty sure I could eat spaetzle all day if I could. I should probably learn how to make them.

We stopped by a Gruyere factory. A CHEESE FACTORY! You can probably imagine how it smelt like. Glorious cheese. That's exactly what it smelt like. :D hahaha I don't think my mom enjoyed that too much tbh.

We each got a packet of these. 6 months, 8 months and 10 months. They were delish. I could eat cheese all day long if given the chance and the opportunity to not pack on the weight. OH MY DAYS I JUST LOVE DAIRY OK. (T_T)

Look at them cheese. *love*

 We also visited a Chocolate Factory/Nestle's Headquarters. It was an interactive experience and I really enjoyed myself. If you've been to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, it's not quite like that but equally enjoyable I think. They basically told us the history of Chocolate and where they came from and how they became popular, etc.

The machine that makes them chocolate! It was super cool to watch mass production of chocolates since we almost never get to see them in person.

 These were the outcome from the machine above.

The best part of the Chocolate factory tour: FREE TASTING ROOM! hahahahaha Basically we tried every chocolate that they offered till we got sore throats. But they were tasty! Really enjoyed ourself but now we're all a little adverse to Chocolate hahaha.

We later made our way down to a spa town called Leukerbad. But that's for Day 6 and I'm just going to head to bed now and try and sleep. I've been getting quite restless sleeps these past few nights which will explain my tiredness in the morning but I really should do something about it :( 

Lots of love
Amelia xoxox

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  1. learn new things everyday. the capital of swis that is :)