Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 62/365

Hello everyone! A good start to the week so far :) Except the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio still has not won an Oscar even though he gets nominated nearly every year?! 2015 will be your year Leo! I can feel it. (well, if he comes out with another movie. If I was him, I would be so unmotivated I'd just retire and spend the rest of my life eating good food and travelling.)

Spent a good 2 hours in the gym with C,D and J. It was good fun! I like how going to the gym w/ them is super not daunting at all! And I actually end up enjoying myself so much. That and I pretty much have non existant arms right now.

Had chilli pan mee for lunchies today with Su Wan and IT WAS SO GOOD. I was majorly craving it as well so I am mad happy I got to have it. Omnomnom. Also, ordered a bowl of fu chuk and pork balls. NOM. I can't wait to bring Jun there to try! I think he would enjoy it.

One sad thing is that the Haze is here in Malaysia for a visit! And it's quite bad too :( Hoping it gets better soons, or at least rains a little more often to clear up the air. It makes my skin and eyes so irritated. Meh

I am hella tired and today has been quite overwhelming.

So, good night and sleep tight everyone!

lots of love,

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