Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 61/365

Halo! Wie geht's dir? 

How was everyone's week! Mine has been blinking awesome this week, I can only hope for the same next week. 

Started off the day heading down to Publika to see the most lovely Rosanne and Aster. But before that, here's an #OOTD with my CMI face. Haha

Stars and Stripes! (captain America reference-- Jun and I saw a captain America doll once that keeps saying this sentence whenever you press it's belly and ever since then, it's just been stuck in our heads. Hehe) 

Top: H&M 
Bottom: TopShop 
Shoes: Zara (I love these shoes but they make my feet look so big. I am only a size 36/ uk4!) 

Anyway, after much consideration, we headed to Coffee Societe for brunch! Well, I say Brunch, Aster had nuggets.... HAHAHHAHA 

I ordered smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with whole grain toast and tbh the only thing I enjoyed was the bread. Even the butter was melted by the time it got to me. Pfft 


Anyway, spent a good hour talking and just basically having a good laugh. I am going to miss having the both of them in the office with me tomorrow! Dreading work now. Sob HAHAHHAHA 

Love these girls cause they would never say no to my million and one selfies and asking the waiter to help us take a pic. Some people really don't like it when I do this :( 

After that we jalaned a little around publika and seriously, there is nothing to do there unless you want to eat? Also, we only went there cause we had an appointment somewhere nearby! 

We went to the Brew Culture for some cow juice after our appointment! 

Here's me with my matcha cow juice. I totes regretted ordering this. But Rosanne's choco cow juice looked super yums. I might try that next time. Also, I read reviews that their ham and cheese croissant is to die for so that's on my list as well! :D 

Also, can you are the color I dyed my hAir? I really like the outcome of this so I am just going to stick to this brand for a while. I used Palty's instead of my usual liese. It is a good RM10 extra and a little difficult to find but I find it is really good and application is so much faster as well! 

Wow. See how I just went off track there?  Haha 

Anyway, also managed to stop by SaSa and I feel like I am going to go in there a whole lot this month..... I hope I don't know cause I don't think my wallet can take it. BUT I managed to find some things I was looking for! 

One of them happened to be this Hilfiger perfume that I've been dying to get. I mean the bottle is to die for! The nice scent is a big bonus. HEHE 

I am a huge sucker for anything preppy even tho it is totally not up my street at all. Haha! I wish I could pull preppy off tho. It would be so rad. 

It's the Peach blossom edition btw, if you're wondering :)

Also headed to my Aunt's for dins tonight. So #blessed. 

Yummy spread! Nomomomom 

Also, been reading about water shortages around here and I am thankful that my house is not affected (yet anyway). Don't know what I would do if there was no water. *freaks out* 

Everyone have an awesome week ahead! I'm gonna try and have an awesome one myself too! 😁

Lots of love 
Amelia xox

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