Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 60/365

Things I have done today: 

1) Fixed my windscreen -- woohoo! Finally. I procrastinated fixing it for an entire week and I finally got em done today. It wasn't too bad either, I was expecting it to be a little more expensive but thank goodness. 

2) Watched the whole first season of The Mad Fat Diary. Well, to be fair it was only 6 episodes but it was good! Starting the first episode of Season 2! I've been seeing plenty of GIFs from it on Tumblr so it's nice to finally watch it. 

3) Got necessities from Watsons. 

4) Went to Pasar Malam and got some nice food in my belly. 

5) Talked to the loveliest of loveliest, my Yat Jun and it was nice. 4 weeks till he's here on the same soil as me! Ahhhhhhh 

And there's me off to bed now. Plenty to do tomorrow! 

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