Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59/365

Hello wello everyone! 

Hope everyone had a good week, and that the weekend will bring happiness and good rest for all :D 

Today was yet another great day! This week so far has been just about the best week I've had in 2014?! 

Let me do an #OOTD just because (I have pictures in hand) 

Heh heh 

Yup, all you KL-ians, that photo is indeed taken in Publika because we had a goodbye lunch for Aster our *star* intern! 3 months went by so quickly and I am so glad that she joined our team even if it was just for a while! 

We ate at Namoo on the Park, a Korean fusion place that's meant to be quite popular for their desserts and that's exactly what I had-- Dessert! :D dessert for lunch. Ohhhhh yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Hehe 

This is my lunch and it has lasted me all day. From 1PM and now it's 11PM and I'm still not hungry! Super condensed sweet potato cake although, it's more like super condensed Sweet potatoes with a tiny bit of cream. I totally envisioned it differently while reading the description. Costed about RM12 ish. Which I thought was super worth it cause it was just so darn filling! Definitely something that you would have to take in small doses only because it is so so dense. 

I had the whole slice. Darren, KW, Aster, Louise, En Wei and Su Wan all took bites from it too and even then I was sort of struggling to finish it! 

Everyone else had pretty much standard Korean food. Aster recommends the garlic Bulgogi rice, she says it's super tasty and out of 16 people at lunch today; 4 ordered that exact dish. Haha! 

The bibimbap looked alright as well. Coffee was a little disappointing. Mine tasted like coffee flavoured water. Price wise, it's not the cheapest alternative for lunch but apparently between 12pm and 3pm, there's a 20% discount on all food items! So that was a pleasant surprise :) for 16 pax + Drinks, we paid a total of about RM 300++. 

The only thing I would like to point out that although you're paying a serving charge, please do not expect any kind of grade A service here. Sure, the staff were polite enough but there was no professionalism at all and everything was really super confusing. So meh. 

Here are some lovely pictures from lunch today: 

Then we went out and took more pictures: 

A bunch of us were coincidentally wearing blacks as well! :D 

And finally, with the star of the day: 

To Aster: Thank you for making time in the office super bearable and funny. I am glad for your presence in my life now and how you always "layan" me even when I'm being absolutely ridiculous. You're one of the most genuine and lovely person I know and you're just so beautiful inside and out. Rosanne and I will be missing you in the office super much! Rest assured we will still keep the Skype group chat alive and please go on it so we can all keep up with each other. HAHA 

Keep in touch always! See you Sunday :P hehe 

Later on in the evening, well, night cause I was stuck in the jam for about 2 hours, I headed out to the gym with Ches, Daryl & Justin. 

My lower body still aches. 

Have a great weekend y'all! 

Lots of love 
Amelia xox

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