Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 64/365

Hey everyone! 

Hope you enjoyed the post yesterday, something a little different from my everyday daily post! 

Caught the #Churpremiere of #300Movie today. 300: The Rise of an Empire was brilliant! I enjoyed everything about it. Eva Greeb was spectacular, her costumes were amazing and I just really really liked her eyeliner! Don't think it would suit me though. Hehe. 

 Lena Headey was also in it (also known as Cersei from GoT), and while her ever moving brow was a bit distracting, I really enjoyed her role! Overall this film showed a lot of women power which I totally appreciated :D YAY. 

Safe to say that there was lot of amazing abdomens as well as arms.. I mean, what sort of movie would 300 be without any sixpacks huh. The 3D was also magnificent it felt like I was in the movie! Seriously. And I don't even like watching films in 3D. This one, I recommend wholeheartedly. Watch it in 3D! You won't regret it :D

Gory-ness was alright! It was pretty gory but thankfully the blood isn't too bright so it didn't look too gross. The male characters were all kinda meh. I didn't feel anything special for them. So the queen of the movie will have to be Eva. 

Also, it wasn't too long a story! And the ending was pretty surprising hehe. I felt a triumph in my heart at the end. LOL.#macamiamagreek :p 

Thanks ChurpChurp for the super good movie! Enjoyed myself heaps :) 

Here's an #OOTD that I took today! 

Top: NastyGal 
Bottom: Poland
Shoes: Dune 
Bag: random stall in Sunway. Heheheh

And what I had for lunch:

Looks good in the picture right? It was pretty meh. LOL 

I am so tired I could collapse. 

Have a good sleep everyone! Good night 

Amelia xo

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