Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 65/365

I had so much to say and then I didn't,  I am terribly confused and just filled with so much shitty feels at the moment.

Here's a small segment on how I feel right now, thanks to Tumblr:

“You want honesty? 

I wasn’t sure if you could handle it, 

but since you’re so eager to hear it, 

and since I’m a terrible liar, 

you should know that every time 
you do as little as look at me, 

I can feel my dignity fall to the ground. 

I’d stand in the bitter cold for hours 
if that meant you would stay warm. 

I’d rather gouge my own eyes out 
than to see you fall for someone else. 

And it wasn’t until you left, 

when I realized that I have 
a terribly addictive personality. 

I’m sorry, my love. 

I hope that wasn’t too much. 

Because, in all honesty, 

that wasn’t even 
the half of it.”

Pretty much to sum it all: I would do anything for you,  

 But, you would still choose to leave. 

And it's me. It's me. It'll be my fault. 


P/s proper posting tomorrow. I am so tired and my head's a mess right now. I pretty much need sleep.  Good night everyone x

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