Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 71/365

"But what can I say,
About something that blows me away..
Without it soundin' like another cliché?
From what I've seen and I've heard,
When it comes to you, baby, no, there are no, there are no words."
The Script - There are no words. 

I've been going cray with The Script in my car these past couple of days. Belting it super loud while driving to and fro from work. SO GOOD.  

Then it always takes me back to a year ago when I caught them live with Jun and Diana. #GoodTimes. Miss my BFFS like mad. At least one of them will be with me soon and I'll see the other in 6 months! ☺️

Today has been a hella tiring day but I am glad anyway. Enjoyed the day today albeit was a little stressed out at times. I think I should wear more bright lippies. It always makes me feel better about the day. Something bout them bright lips :) 

Here's my #FOTD:

On my lips I have M.A.C's Candy YumYum! I bought it a while ago but only just rediscovered it in my drawer completely untouched. So I thought why the hell not. Did not regret it one bit! I am glad they decided to make it again! It wS discontinued for a bit and MAC had this whole thing where they let the public vote for their favourite discontinued lippie and the one that won would make a comeback! Candy YumYum won last year so I am glad it did :) 

Here's my #OOTD courtesy of the big mirror in the office: 

I had a really bad hair day today but my fringe was alright so meh. Hahahha 

Also, didn't sweat too much today so that was ace! 

Off to bed now. Will be having a tiring next couple of days :) 

Lots of love, 
Amelia xoi

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