Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 75/365

Totally didn't get to blog about Friday and Saturday so here I am to cover my entire weekend.

I would like to say I've had one heck of a weekend. I would say, it has probably been the most happening weekend of 2014 so far! Or even, in Malaysia this 6 months!

Friday - Day 73/365

Started off the day normally, headed to work normally.

Then, I agreed to head to FMFA day 2 with Su Wan! :D Super impromptu decision, went back during lunchtime to pack and I totes forgot my contact lenses so I had to wear my glasses! Was definitely a little conscious cause I've not worn glasses to any events before :( But it turned out alright.

MY FIRST RAVE EVER. And it was SO good! We managed to get there in time for Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk and man, I had so much fun. I am glad I took the opportunity to head over. I am pretty lucky to be able to get work passes, since I am meant to work as well! But it was all good! I remember coming back around 3 in the morning and I HAD to give Jun a call because i was just so excited and exhilarated from the experience that I needed to let him know. Hahaha #overexcitedgf

I was pretty much in awe the entire time I was there. Like, I didn't really have much expectations because I didn't know what to expect really but it all really blew me away! :D Already looking forward to the next one! :D

Told Jun and Diana that we NEED to go to one of these together. I can imagine it being uber fun with these two!!! *fingers crossed for the future*

The laser lights were so pretty!

Saturday - Day 74/365


Started off my day a little later than usual, around 11 am and joined my aunty for Zhap fan! It was so good and i was absolutely starving. We usually head over to this mixed rice place at Yulek and they have like SO MANY DISHES? I love zhap fan. Cheap and good.

I sent this picture to my dad and he replied," So much"

I don't quite know what that means. LOL

 After which we headed to tescos and  I brought my car for a wash which was pretty useless since it started raining right after. There goes 15 buckz. I don't even know why I bother. HAHA

Anyway, after tesco's, headed back home and got ready for FMFA day 3! And was really excited for it. Made my way to Su Wan's and you know, this time I was like super ready with them short shorts and super light top. 

Guess what. 

FMFA Day 3 got cancelled. 

Cancelled. At about 5pm. We found out while we were all eating rotis. 

It was so disappointing! I think if people want to do drugs, they should do it responsibly! Don't need to overdose until die kua. Damn kua zhang pls. 


Gillian actually brought along a gopro and we didn't even get to use it! Weh

So, we headed for a K-session for a good two hours before heading for some drinks.

w00h00 drinks! to be honest, I think it's been too long since I've had anything other than beer. Tequila and Jagers were super appreciated! :D

Also, had an AMAZING time out with these bunch of people. Thanks to Su Wan for introducing me to them! I think we've all set a date to go out again in two weeks. So will keep y'all updated about our adventures. LOL

The night ended super interesting since I found myself in Su wan's bed the next morning. LOL

Yep. *grins*


 Upon waking up in an unfamiliar room, hahahahahah (THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IT HAS EVER HAPPENED I PROMISE!) Big thanks to Swan for being so lovely about it! haha *big love*

Had a brunch date with Fiona and CS! Decided to try Feeka since I've been hearing and reading good reviews about the place.

I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED. Service was SO SHIT. I waited about 45 minutes for my plate of food, which btw was small in portion and costed RM20. Did not enjoy it at all and I felt super bad because I had suggested we go there in the first place and ahhhh. We couldve gone somewhere better. F & CS also waited FOREVER for their food, and our waited was just super unapologetic about the lateness of it all. and URGH.

Never going back to Feeka again. Lousy place.

Being super unsatisfied about it, we headed to VCR for cakes and coffee after our brunch.

That was a lot better and we were earlier than most people so it wasn't too crowded.

We ordered a lemon curd cheesecake and a black velvet cake to share courtesy of CS (thanks! :D) It was nice. Although, I ordered a hot chocolate, and that wasn't very nice. Will stick to their coffees next time. I just though with the hangover I was having it wouldn't have been wise to have coffee.

 Upon reaching home, I basically showered and KO-ed in my bed. Till about 8pm where I woke up, had dinner, and showered again and typed this out and I can feel my mind slowly dying off again.

 I AM SO TIRED and this weekend has been SO GOOD. I am SO THANKFUL for good times.

Looking forward to next week already although I have a feeling I'm going to be super tired as well. HMm

Lots of love,
Amelia xox

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