Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 78/365


Today has been a pretty tiring day for myself. 

Finally got my appointment for the hospital regarding my back. I was told my appointment was at 9am so we went at 8 just to be safe. Oh boy. Were we in for a treat! 

Basically, a whole load of people are given 9am appointments as well so it doesn't really matter what time you get, be preparers to wait for a couple of hours! 

In my case, I waited for 6.5 hours before finally getting my turn. And then my appointment with the doctor took a further half an hour and waited for another 20 mins for further instructions. 

That's 7.5 hours ish already. Then we had to Hunt down different departments to secure further appts and then head back to my doctor to let her know. So that I could secure my second appointment with her again. 


Then after that, I had to look for a couple more departments including the pharmacy whereby I got my month's long medication. Woohoo. 

All in all, it was a full day's of work. It was so freaking exhausting I felt like every little molecule of energy in me was used up :( plus, I didn't have anything to eat the entire time I was there either so that probably contributed to my lethargic state. 

I am already not looking forward to my next visit in two months time. Seriously. 

What an experience. I guess that's what government hospitals are like.. Even half government ones. Registration fee was already a whopping RM50! Wtf. 

I wish I had funds for a private hospital -- please ignore my whines. 

On a much brighter note, I got to see my love while he had his breakfast. It's been a while since I've seen him in UK daylight. I've missed his I've-just-woken-up face too much. 10 more days till I'm driving down to pick him up from KLIA! Whee 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo 

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