Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 82/365

Wow. Like that the weekend had just past. The next weekend (the one coming up) is going to be super exciting and filled with lots of new memories. So defo looking forward to that! 

Rosanne brought me to Yeast this morning to eat and it was such a lovely quaint place with super delicious croissants. To be fair, all their bread looked super delish so I must go back and try out their other dishes. It's a French cafĂ© so their dishes were all very French. (Lol wtf Amelia) 

My ham and cheese croissant which was super super delish. Like this picture doesn't do it any justice! 

Here's some pictures from an event last night. Nuffnang turns 7 this years so there was a celebration! 

Didn't manage to take too many pictures. It was horrendously hot too. Didn't stop sweating at all. But the food was nice, all them garlic rice! Hehe 

Anyway, I'm soooo super tired for some reason. I am just going to pop into my deep slumber and hopefully get some nasi lemak tomorrow for breakfast! *hopeful* HEHEHEHE 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo

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