Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 83/365


I don't quite know where to start but basically, today was my last day with work. I'm taking a short break for personal reasons and will hopefully resume job hunting soon enough! That said though, I'll be heading back to Brunei for a short bit too (short as in 5 weeks, I think -- have yet to buy my tickets so, we'll see!). I am actually hoping to take this time to really just relax and have some me time. Plus it'll be super nice to see Pepper, Scamp and Melody too! I miss my fur babies way too much.

Anyway, my experience with my last day of work was emotional to say the least. I am already quite the emotional person so imagine me parting with my desk and computer screen that I have so lovingly stared at for the past 6 months! Dang, it was tough. Was totes holding back tears while clearing my desk up.

I have such an unhealthy attachment to things, it's a little weird.

So, here are some pictures I took for the last time outside Heritage House/ in the office!

Here, we have my #FOTD. Taken at 7:20AM, bright and early in the office.
My lips are by MAC - Chatterbox. LOVE THAT COLOUR. I am so certain it could be the first lipstick I ever finish. Also, I got a hair appointment booked for Thursday, so defo looking forward to that!

Here are the girlies, Jen is a new addition to the office and she's very chirpy and blur which is a nice change :) Glad to have met you Jen! Everyone who reads my blog knows Su Wan and Rosanne by now I guess. Hehe

With the twin towers! I am only 156.5CM tall so #dontjudge. Haha On my right is Ka Wah, the guy who seriously had a lot of patience to teach me everything  I needed to know. Sorry I couldn't pass on all that information in my head to the new girl!  

(L-R) Eric (who btw, on his first day, I mistook him as a super tan chinese. I was half right though! Cause he is a Chindian. HEHE), Jen, Swan, myself, Rosy and KW! 

Part of the CC Team. Missing Charissa!  (L-R) Darren, myself, KW and Mijel. 

Sometimes I like my height cause it makes me look tiny. LOL 

It does feel a little odd knowing I am unemployed once again, but I think I need sometime to just really relax the crap out of my back and just chill the fuck out. It's nice that Jun will be here in 4 days! And I'll be seeing my momma in 5 days and my daddy in 7 days and soon we'll be reunited and chilling out as a fam! :D Thankful for all these opportunities and blessings in my life, always.

Also, I've been hitting the gym with D, C and occassionally J a couple times a week for the past month or so. I've apparently checked in for 5 weeks now! So that's what I've been doing. I have been enjoying it though and I am a wee worried about stopping the flow while Jun is here and while I am back in Brunei. Will need to find someone who can go with me cause I don't I'd have the motivation to go myself (or the strength tbh) haha! I mean, I am actually making progress y'know?! Hate to see it all go to waste (T_T)

So, if you know anyone who'd like to go to the gym with me whilst in Brunei and is patient and knows what he/she's doing, lemme know! I need to make new friends/ I don't know many people in Brunei. Which I know, is kinda off considering I lived all my life there. But I guess that's just the way it is. I suppose, I am quite an introvert. But try to come out of my shell a little. ZZZ 

Wow, it's midnight already! Hope everyone has a great week! I'm going to be unwinding myself for a bit before the LOML arrives 4PM Saturday! whoooopeeee

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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