Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 84 & 85 /365

Didn't do much yesterday. Day #1 of unemployment.. Got a good lie in, in the morning and proceeded to obtain My Love from The Stars. The Korean drama that everyone is cray about ATM! Good reason why too. Finished 7 episodes yesterday and totally loved it! Jeon Ji Hyun is super pretty! I mean, I loved her in Windstruck and Daisy so I knew I was going to love her in this drama. Everyone who's watched the series finished has told me that it has a good ending so I am most definitely looking forward to the end of the series! Hehe 

I would put pictures up but I'm too darn lazy to transfer them ATM so I will post them up some day. 

One thing I am super stoked about today is I finally purchased my ollo clip replica! The fish lens and macro/wide lens for my iPhone! Mad happy. Only for RM36 as well which is great considering the originally costsa bout SGD75. So major big saving there and it works just as well. 

Also went for my last #Churpremiere as a Churpie today! Quite sad actually, I am going to miss handing out tickets to Churpers and making their day :( oh well, I'll hopefully attend other #Churpremieres as a Churpers myself! That would be a different experience. Hehe 

I've got a hair appointment tomorrow and I am super looking forward as I am going to try something that I have never tried before! Hehehe wish me luck. 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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  1. omg your last day as Churpie?!
    I bet the super early uncle and auntie are gonna miss you lots :((
    Gonna miss seeing you handout tickets D:
    Such friendliness I cannot.. :(

    (the blur girl who messed up the screening of Enough Said)