Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 86/365

I'm Hello! Today, has been a great day :D

First off, started my day with a couple of episodes of My Love From The Stars. I'm up to episode 13 now! I think I'll finish it by tomorrow. Exciting. Hehehe 

Also, went by The Inc. at Scott Garden for a little pamper session as introduced by Swan! 

I'm a unicorn! Hahahaha 

Went for a cut, color and treatment sesh for my hair and I am now with a shorter do and a darker hair tone.  Got a two-tone color so, after a few washes, my highlights will start to show! Exciting. It was my first time dying my hair professionally too. Been doing it with box hair color for the longest time. ( since I was about 16 years old) 

Anyway, after 2.5 hours in the saloon I was crazy hunger and was super craving zhap fan! So off I went to my favourite 12号 mixed rice shop in Yulek! 

All this for RM4! So good too and totally hit the spot. 

Then I went home and watched more of the K-Drama. And then I got ready for dins! Woohoo 

We went to Coco Stramboat, the Old Klang Road branch ! I've had coco a few times already so I know I love it. I am glad everyone enjoyed it as well :) 

As you can see, I've been making good use of my fish eye lens.  LOL best purchase March 2014!!!!! 

Then we made our way to Chatime for a chat afterwards and for something sweet to fill our tummies. 

It was so much fun seeing everyone today! 

Ahhh... Today has been such a good day, I am majorly thankful. Also B told me he had checked in online already so OH MY DAYS only two more days till I see my love! HEHE 

Okay, one more episode of MLFTS, then off to bed I go! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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