Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 87/365

Finished watching MLFTS today! Ending was a little meh for me but I guess it was better than a bad ending. I love Hae Kyung! He's my fav. character. Such a gentleman can? Wahhhhhh. 

Also love the way Song Yi says Sorrehhhh. Haha! And the way she speaks to her car. So good. 

I also love her lip colours; as do the rest of the world. 

Anyway, went to Escape Room today thanks to ChurpChurp! Swan and I had BBQ Plaza before that so that was ├╝ber nice! Been craving mookata for the longest time. 

We lost at Escape Room. Sob. But it was good fun. Hopefully will bring Jun over to try since it's something I am pretty sure he'll enjoy.  

Speaking of Jun, he's otw here now! Will be reaching Malaysia in approx. 16 hours. Whee :D 

Ahhh can't wait to see that boy again. I've missed him too much. 

Lots of love
Amelia xo

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