Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 118/365

 with Chloe! 

Basically, to start of the day (at 10AM), we had a nice heavy brunch consisting of Scrambled Eggs, waffles and french toast at High Frequency.  The food was alright, I didn't try the scrambled eggs but it looks pretty decent from what I see. Waffles were a MAJOR disappointment. Too doughy, and no syrup/honey at all, so it was most definitely dry. Ugh, never ordering that again. French toast was good. Decent. Not enough maple syrup tho. 

Anyway, after brunch, we headed to the cinema to catch The Other Woman (starring Cameron Diaz and Jamie Lannister) and it was HILARIOUS! I have not actually watched a good chick flick in forever so I most definitely enjoyed The Other Woman.

We then proceeded to waste time and drove here and there, back to my house and etc and then we got ready for dinner!
It was SO GOOD! 

The Golden Couple joined us too! We ate and we laughed and we laughed some more and then at some point, there was cake! and a surprise! 

I was really touched haha. Super not expecting a cake. 

Here's what was written on it:

 Chloe slept over and early this morning *read: 7AM* we woke up and did a nice morning swim. 

I am actually so tired. I need to find a way that's easier to transfer all my pictures off my phone to my lappy without having to connect this and that and zzz. SO SIEN. 

Anyway, thankful for the weekend. It's been good to me :) And a lovely (belated) birthday celebration with people who make me laugh. They're the best, I am so blessed and glad to have friends like them. 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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