Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 119/365 - Second day in Hatyai

Okay, here I am back reminiscing good times with #JunInSEA! Here's our second day in Hatyai. Woke up bright and early and headed out to the morning market to do tak bat. It was quite an experience, definitely a first in our book! A positive one of course.

We basically went through the morning market and tapaoed as much food as we could and brought it to a coffee shop where we sat, ordered drinks and ate to our hearts content. So good!

Our drink of the trip was most definitely Cha Yen (sweet thai ice milk tea) and ah, if I could have a whole jug with me at all times, that would be perfect.

We also did other touristy stuff (after taking a good shower and refreshing ourselves), like see elephants, visited some temples and the sorts!

And then we did more touristy things like visit a super large Thai Tesco and proceeded to buy lots of Thai products lol

Then we headed back to Kedah. refreshed ourselves and headed out to dins.

HAHAH MAN I MAKE IT SOUND SO UNHAPPENING. I just didn't manage to snap enough pictures unfortunately :( so wehh

Anyhoo, This will have to do.

I am actually so tired and my back has been giving me a whole lot of pain :( I don't quite know what to do. Sad.

I will try and attempt to sleep. The dogs, especially Pepper has been waking me up consistently throughout the night so I am hoping for good sleep tonight.


Lots of love
Amelia X

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