Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 120/365 - extra bits and bobs and Namu's Snail White MAGIC CREAM lol

Didn't get to post these pictures up yesterday cause for some reason I was missing a whole chunk of pictures and i couldn't find them and I went to sleep sad but I FOUND THEM TODAY lol

Mango sticky rice ice-cream from DQ Thailand. Super legit! There really was sticky rice on top of our ice cream. LOL 
Best Ice-Shredder ever. Confirm will earn you $50 to let you spend at your family vacay.

Where I belong always - under your armpit. LOLOLOLOL
 Okay, now this. I have to talk about. I've been seeing this Namu Snail White thing EVERYWHERE on social media. Blogs, Instagram, Facebook.. been getting spammed about this since they're sponsoring lots of bloggers with this product. So yeah, fell into it. PLUS I SUPER LOVE THE PACKAGING? (TBH, I should totes do a seperate post on this but too lazy lol) I don't mean the box the product came in but the actual container.

Anyway, in Malaysia, they're selling one for RM150. Which I think is a little bit pricey and I wasn't willing to spend that much money on some snail secretions thing that I wasn't sure was going to work either. Plus, it's super vague.They say it's ok for oily skin ok for dry skin ok for acne prone skin.. HAI MM HAI AH??? Like magic cream like that wor. ALSO, they're charging and extra RM10 for postage and an extra RM8 if you live in East Malaysia. Like WTF man.

So this is what the snail cream promises.

So I was in Thailand right and I saw it in Watsons (or Guardian... don't remember) and guess how much they were selling for? Only 990Baht which is equivalent to RM100! That's RM50 cheaper than what Snail White Malaysia was offering. So I went ahead and got myself a bottle (and my mom too)

I've been using it religiously at night (cause I am still wary about the whole oil controlling aspect of this as I am super super sked about having an oily face in the day time) and to be completely fair, I really like this product! It comes out a little slimy ish but it gets absorbed into the skin really easily. All I need is just a pump of the product (very little - the size of a 10 sen coin maybe) and pat it into my skin!The smell is super unoffensive at well. There's just a hint of smell that i can't put my hands on but it's decent!

I don't know if it's the combination of all my other products - I'll do a post on this soon but I notice a big difference in the lightening of my pimple scars. I don't get pimples very often but when I do they're a monster sized one and usually end us with a big black scar on my face. But they all have been lightening up!

Would I repurchase? Yes. But, not from Malaysia. I think it's daylight robbery to be paying an extra RM50 just because it's been brought in to Malaysia. To be completely fair, I am pretty sure they get it SO much cheaper when they get it in bulk so hopefully I have friends who are going to Thailand or I'll get to go there myself and buy a couple of bottles. It does well as a night moisturizer which is something I've been looking for since my day moisturizer has SPF and we all know we're not meant to use SPF at night to bed.

Okay, that was quite ranty- I apologize. Just got excited when I saw the picture again. HAHA

Woe is me. I GET EXCITED OVER SKINCARE (T_T) It's so bad.

Let me know if you've tried this Snail Cream and let me know how it's worked out for you! Also, if you have any other places to get this at RM100 or below, nothing above RM110 that's for sure, please let me know. I wanna bulk buy. Haha

Lots of love,
Amelia xo


  1. I've seen a seller in carousell selling snail white fr like rm100 (including postage). Goes by d name dearllyanne christine (carousell.co/dearllyanne) Cn whatsapp her at 011-16028260.

    I dun hv any relation with her btw. Just interested in buying frm her too. Thought I cn help u. Hehe ^^

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