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Favourite foundations - April 2014

Hello everyone, just a small disclaimer before I start off on this post. I'm not claiming to be any makeup expert, or, professional. Just someone who really enjoys playing (and buying lolol) with makeup and these are all my unbiased thoughts! :)

Also, just a heads up. My skin type is combination-oily. Which means, my t-zone is a nightmare with the oil monster but I can get dry patches around the sides of my face, around my eye area and my neck. SO ANNOYING. lol


Here's my top/favourite Foundations at the moment. I will talk about my favourite high-end foundation, followed by my favourite drugstore foundation as well as my favourite BB cream.

Just to note, I have tried a whole bunch of foundations, but these are my favourite that goes well with my skin and our very humid Malaysian weather :)

1) Clarins Ever Matte SPF15

This is the first ever foundation that I've ever bought! I was unsure which brand to go for: Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Origins.. but at the end of it, I decided to go for Clarins. Not sure why, could be because at that time I was using their skin products.

Anyway, best decision ever. When I use this foundation (and I only really keep it for special days), it lasts the whole day and keeps my face shine-free with minimum blotting! The scent is super pleasing to the nose as well, a light refreshing cucumber scent that I really adore and reminds me a lot of the Vaseline lotion (the one in the green bottle). So lovely. For some, I understand the scent can be a little overwhelming but I really like it.

It's of a medium coverage and is definitely buildable without making your face feel like it's caked up or anything. Easily blendable - I've tried with my fingers/hands, brushes, sponges, it all works and it sets very lovely!

Unfortunately, the Ever Matte line is not sold in Malaysia Clarins counters (I am not sure about the rest of Asia, let me know if they're sold in your country!), I bought mine while I was in the UK for 27 pounds which I felt was super worth it. 30ml and it has lasted me all this while. It also comes in a variety of colours for all types of skin undertones and I am using mine in the colour 109 Wheat, which matches my M.A.C NC20 skin perfectly :)

You can definitely purchase it online (that's what I will be planning to do once my bottle runs out)! Here are some places that stock it: Escentual, Nordstrom.. to name a few :)

2) Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination 

A drugstore product that you can easily find in your local Watson's or Guardian.. or at any Revlon counters really. Retailing at around RM59 (but check your local drugstore! Might be cheaper, or more expensive, who knows) overall, I think it's quite an affordable foundation.

This is the foundation that I reach to on a daily basis while I was working. Like, really, every morning I'd use this foundation and it will last me the WHOLE DAY. No kidding, granted I got a little oily towards the end, but still, nothing to complain really.

It's quite a heavy coverage, so use sparingly. Also, there was no obvious scent and it is easy enough to work with. I will comment however, on the packaging. This foundation comes without a pump, just an open top so be very careful when pouring your foundation out. I've been careless before and poured a whole lot out and even once, dropped it while it was opened and I wasted quite a bit of foundation there. Otherwise, nothing much to complain about this one.

Affordable and it works! I truly understand why it's loved by so many around the world. :D

Also, if you've not got oily/combination skin, don't worry as they do it for other skin types too. For example, Normal/Dry skin. They've got something for everyone! hehe I use the colour Sand Beige for this foundation and while it's just a tiny bit darker for me, it still works! Especially since I pop some powder of it to set it usually.

3. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

This is my holy grail BB cream. I use it for days I need a little bit of coverage but not a full coverage. I've been using it for over a year now and you also only need just a little bit of this for your entire face! It's great cause it has SPF35 which means I can forgo having to put on extra sunscreen for when I'm feeling lazy. A little touch of blush and some setting powder, voila! I'm ready for the day.

It's odourless as well (to me anyway- I'm not the most sensitive to scents.) and there are 4 colours which is great considering many BB creams come in one universal colour. I am using it in the second lightest shade: Light. And I always use my fingers to blend this into my face. I've tried with brushes and sponges and they all work well too but for some reason, I always just use this with my fingers.

I like it as it does keep my oiliness at bay, although after a couple of hours, you will see me getting my shine on. :P But otherwise, really liking this BB cream as far as BB creams go. There's no weird overcast that you sometimes get with other BB creams and like it's name suggest, it's definitely camera ready, even with flash! :D

You can buy this at any Smashbox counter (i.e at Sephora). I bought mine from the UK for 27 pounds, which I agree is a little steep for a BB cream considering it's the same price as the Clarins foundation, but I like it and I will definitely repurchase when it's finished.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I do hope it's not too lengthy! If you happen to love any of these foundations as much as I do, let me know :D Also, if you have any other foundations for oily/combi skin that's perfect for our humid weather, please comment on this post and let me know. I'd love to try some new foundations out.

Lots of love and thanks for reading!
Amelia xo

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