Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 115/365

Almost forgot to blog today, just been sitting around really missing Yat Jun. Then I got sleepy and then I realised I have not blog. lol. #LifeofAmelia

Anyway, onwards with #JunInSEA, our trip down to Hatyai, Thailand. For those who don't know, it's only a 2 hours car ride across the border from Kedah to Hatyai. We rented a van for the 8 of us!

When we reached, we did some touristy stuff and everyone sort of went to pray at various temples. It was so blistering hot I was pretty much a sweating machine.

It was actually so hot I couldn't open my eyes. This is not doing the sunny day any justice really. lol

 And we had some really good food for lunch. Thai of course. Ugh, I was so bad with photos this trip. Didn't take any photos of the food at all. zzz

My mommy and I :D

The whole table. Missing Amilyn! haha

The love of my life.
Then we sort of checked out the markets.

IT WAS SO BLOODY HOT I COULDNT EVEN. lol We had coconut juice and mango rice (not pictured) to cool us down.

Hahah Here's jun feeding me mango rice. LOL
Can I just say how much I love Mango Sticky Rice? I feel as tho I could eat it all day long. ALL DAY ERR DAY MANGO STICKY RICE MAN.

Wow, this post is so shit, I am sorry haha. I am just so sleepy. and my nose is runny and UGH. So tired today.

Speaking of which, found out some excellent news today (no, not seeing Jun again -- SADLY. SOB.) but it won't be confirmed till another 10 days so fingers crossed! Will let y'all know when it is tho. :)

Also, missing le boyfriend EXTREMELY much today. I told my mom I missed him and all she said was, "it's not like you've not seen him in a long time. YOU ONLY SAW HIM LAST WEEK. siao"

Which I guess, is true but still does not mean anything! WHY CAN'T I MISS HIM even though I've only seen him last week? I miss him even when he's in the shower and he's gone for a max of 20 mins. #clingygirlfriend #overlyattachedgirlfriend I mean, I even miss him when he's asleep. lol


Oki! love y'all,

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