Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You too, can wear a Bodycon Dress!

I know, homegirl be feeling all body conscious the minute the word "bodycon" is involved in any piece of garment. Truth to be told, I am really body conscious, so very rarely, you'll see me in a bodycon dress!

However, I've been thinking of some ways that could definitely encourage people like myself to be more confident in wearing anything with the word bodycon in it!

*Note: If you are going to be wearing a bodycon dress/skirt, please please PLEASE remember to wear seamless underwear. Nobody wants to see that VPL of yours!*
  • If you're midsection heavy (I am!), dark colours will definitely play a huge part in trying to cover up that tumtum of yours. Or get some girdles.. or high waisted underwear.. (just sayin') so you can tuck in the belly. Even better if you can find patterned ones (your bodycon dress/skirt -- not your underwear, although you can totes go ahead and wear them patterned underwear too :D)! I always feel like the patterns distract people's eyes from what you're trying to cover up.
  • If you're arm heavy (is there a word to describe this?) go for long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves or even short sleeves. Personally, I really like the whole 3/4 sleeve look!  Mostly cause you can still accessorize and people can still see them whilst covering my buffalo arms. HAHA
  • If anything, you can also go for colour blocking. This can apply to both skirts and dresses. It can totally have a slimming affect and let you cheat those curves! 
  • If you're shy about them legs, there's always the option of mini, midi and maxi bodycon dresses/skirts! Perfect for any occasion, and it's always sexy enough to look smart. 
See how the pattern would be able to distract your eyes from any section that you're trying to hide? I say this cause I wanted to say, see how you are so distracted by the print you don't see her tummy. But she has a flat tummy... LOL

Colour blocking like this is perfect, cause it give you them curves! Makes the waist look super tiny!!

Totally work appropriate and the detailing is uber cute!
The best part about bodycon garments is that because it's so skin-tight, it's always perfect to throw on a cardigan or a blazer over the top! Without it making you look frumpy or like you have too much clothes on. Also, usually the material they use is super breathable and thin so most definitely some could do with an outerwear :D In terms of skirts, you can always pair them up with a crop top, or an oversized top or even just a flowy blouse (like the one above) since your bottom is going to be nicely defined anyway :D

Anyway, I came up with this post after having seen some super nice bodycon dresses/skirts on Zalora! (that's where all them pics above are from-- and some that I am seriously considering adding to my wardrobe HEHE). Once I get my bodycon dress, I will definitely be OOTDing it someday hehe.

Tell me what's your favourite way to pull off anything Bodycon! I'm sure we can all learn a tip or two from each other.

Hope everybody's week is going well!

Lots of love
Amelia xo

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