Monday, October 20, 2014

My M.A.C Army (as of 20th October 2014) + Swatches

I remember the first time I was captured by the M.A.C lipstick stands and the vast array of colours.. they were a sight to behold. To be honest, I'm still crazy awed by all the colours and variety of them lipsticks in M.A.C and my ultimate dream is to own every single one of them.. and the holder too. IMAGINE THEM IN MY ROOM ON MY NIGHTSTAND/VANITY. Damn son, it'll be so magical to wake up to them err'day. 

Today I will be typing about my modest collection of M.A.C lippies.. and leg swatches (only because it is SO much easier to take photos of my leg rather than my arm.... since I don't actually have a model lol) 

It took me ages to figure out if I should group them by colour, finish  or collection but I have decided that I will group them by colour. That way, I'll know which colour group I'm lacking in the most. Hehe 

Don't they look like soldiers?
Cue: Destiny Child's Soldier song. LOL


Amplified Roxo from the Pedro Lorenço Collection, Huggable Lip Colour in Red Necessity, Matte Ruby Woo, Lustre Cockney, Satin Sa La Vie

Swatches - With Flash (R-L as opposed to L-R as above)

Swatches - No Flash



Satin Rebel, Matte Heroine, Lustre Plumful, Lustre Pink Popcorn, Amplified Saint Germain

Fun Fact #1: Saint Germain was given to me by Allisan.. it's a super barbie pink and it makes me look tan! 

 Fun Fact #2: I have a Pure Heroine from the Lorde collection waiting for me somewhere cause Diana got one for me! :D So excited to try it out, it's meant to be an even deeper purple compared to Heroine. Also, I ADORE Lorde, so anything to do with her, I love already. Haha

Swatches - With Flash

Swatches - Without Flash



Cremesheen Crosswires, Amplified Vegas Volt, Lustre Dreaming Dahlia, Amplified Morange, Sheen Supreme Gotta Dash! 
Fun Fact #3: Morange was the first ever bright lippie in my entire collection (including everything non-M.A.C as well) I remember wearing it a lot to University and being shy abt having a bright lip. Hehe.
Swatches - With Flash
Swatches - No Flash



Cremesheen Lickable, Amplified Impassioned, Matte Candy Yum-Yum, Huggable Lip Colour in Love Beam, Viva Glam Nicki Satin, Lustre Flamingo

Fun Fact #4: Candy Yum-Yum was discontinued for a while but brought back when M.A.C allowed their consumers to choose which discontinued colour to bring back! :D This neon pink won and I had to have it hehe

Fun Fact #5: Yes that Viva Glam is for Nicki Minaj (who I am a huge fan of) and yes, I only bought it because it was Nicki Minaj. HAHA It's a pretty colour tho, I should really use it more often. 

Swatches - With Flash

Swatches - Without Flash



Cremesheen FanFare, Amplified Chatter Box, Lustre Patisserie, Cremesheen Creme Cup, Cremesheen Creme D'Nude 

Fun Fact #6: Creme D'Nude is my FIRST ever M.A.C lipstick puchased and turns out to be the least suitable colour for me in my collection. Lol. I was conned cause the colour looked so good on a friend of mind, so I bought it but upon trying it on.. I've been asked if I am sick cause I look so pale. Lol 
Swatches - With Flash
Swatches - No Flash
Hope you enjoyed this little inlook (???) into my modest collection of M.A.C Lipsticks. If you ask me, my favourite finish has to be Lustre. Only because it's mostly moisturizing and easy to apply. I also LOVE the Huggable Lip Colours but unfortunately I managed to grab only 2 colours out of the 6 (if I am not mistaken) and that will forever be on my "THINGS I REGRET" list.. #over


On other personal news, I'll be back in Brunei and re-united with my fur babies in about.. 2 sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SUPER super SUPER excited I cannot even. Haven't seen them in about half a year, so that's always exciting. Hehe 

Hope everyone is well and have a Happy Deepavali!

Lots of love,
Amelia xo


  1. Nice leg, babe! I always run out of room on my arms too so I get that. Lately taken to borrowing other people's arms for this purpose but there's a bit of begging involved lol
    Lovely addict-level collection, by the way. You seriously have to try and score an invite to the annual estee lauder staff sale where MAC lippies are only about rm20 each and blushes/ shadows are sometimes less.
    I was lucky enough to attend this year thanks to the generosity of a blogger friend. I was also first in line and got upgraded to a VIP ticket by some other generous shoppers from the VIP section. Was my lucky day! First time I ever camped out for makeup but lots of fun!

    1. Thank you! It's so difficult to take pictures of le arms too. Always end up with blurry pictures (but that could just be me and my terrible photographic skills hehe)

      Where on earth am I to find invites to this amazing estee lauder staff sale you speak of? I need to make more friends! I feel like I would spend all my money at that sale if MAC lippies are going for only RM20?!?!?!?! Sounds like a DREAM.

  2. Diana7:37 PM

    WOW! I am SEETHING with envy, I'll have you know. That is something incredible.