Monday, November 24, 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

Having been on the wait list for this item for the longest time, Luxola finally, FINALLY, restocked this beautiful item. I am a sucker for 1) BRUSHES 2) ROSE GOLD 3) BRUSHES?!??! Like actually, I think this is the last time I will ever buy brushes (ha ha - let's see in the next 3 months...) because I think I have enough brushes to last me for a while. Except maybe eye brushes, because for some reason I always ruin them first.

So anyway, when these babies got delivered I was over the moooon! I opened it up and ooh-ed and aah-ed because damnit! They are perfect *crazy googly love struck eyes emoticon* The brushes are soft, and lovely. Not that  I was surprised there since Zoeva's never actually disappointed me before. Affordable and of good quality. Will totally recommend their brushes to anybody and everybody. They're of German descent (haha wtf) and if you're living in the EU, you can just order off their site. Wish I came across them whilst I was still in the UK. I would probably have all their brushes now. Haha In comparison to Sigma (and don't even mention MAC), these brushes are godsent. 

Without further ado, here's my little Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

Comes in a beautiful faux leather pouch.

Comes with 5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes:
  • 102 - Silk Finish (one of the best brushes I have used so far for liquid foundation. Flawless application always)
  • 106 - Powder
  • 110 - Face Shape (Perfect for contouring)
  • 127 - Luxe Sheer Cheek
  • 142 - Concealer Buffer (I use this also for blending out eye shadow. Works like a dream)
  • 227 - Soft Definer (MAC 217/Sigma E25 dupe)
  • 231 - Petit Crease
  • 317 - Wing Liner

Aren't they just absolutely gorgeous? I actually don't know when I'll ever use them. SO BEAUTIFUL I CANNOT EVEN. Like, I keep staring at them and I just cannot bring myself to use them. That said, I have duplicates of a couple of them in their normal silver ferrules so.. it's not that bad. Maybe I'll bust them out for a special occasion some day. I don't even wear foundation or BB cream on a daily basis anymore. Hahaha

Anyway, if you're looking to own one of these glorious sets.. they're currently sold out (SO GO BE ON THAT WAITLIST. You know you want to!) 

But you can find them here for RM261.50

Which, btw if you calculate it's only RM32.70 per brush so it's super affordable seeing as how one brush from MAC can easily set you back RM100++ for ONE brush. (Don't mind me. Just justifying the purchase to myself again) hehe

Lots of love
Amelia xox


  1. OOMG!!! The brushes are soooo lovely! I'm in love with rose gold as well!!! now you make me wanna get them.

    1. Get them!!! Luxola is doing a 40% Sale on Monday.... SO GET THEM! :D hehehe

  2. Is that the cactus jar I see that is now a new home for brushes?!
    I'm doing the same with mine thanks to my lack of a green thumb lol
    I love this Zoeva set but my only gripe is that I never snapped it up when they were still discountable on Luxola.
    I don't see you enough, girl! Are you going to the Butterfly Xmas party?

    1. HEHE, It is the cactus jar! I am missing that green thumb too tbh, but it's made a lovely brush holder which I love. Hehe.

      I know what you mean, Zoeva always goes first when the sales hit, I'll be trying my luck for the pink ones this coming Sunday but I doubt I'll get there in time :P